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With the recent unsealed court documents, John McCain legacy has been forever tarnished

Recently released court documents have revealed that the late Senator John McCain played a key role in spreading the infamous “Steele Dossier,” despite his previous denials of any major involvement. In light of this devastating news, President Trump blasted McCain and properly asserted that this conduct cast a very dark stain against McCain. He also attackedMcCain over his “no” vote to repeal Obamacare. In response to the president’s blistering attacks, McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, shot back at the president, stating that no one would ever love President Trump the way they loved her father. Meghan McCain is right, in part. In light of the recently released information depicting her father’s alleged conduct, Democrats are certain to love her father more than they love the president. Her father’s legacy, however, is forever tarnished.

According to an article in Sputnik News:

Senator John McCain and David Kramer, a McCain associate and former State Department employee, played a key role in spreading the famously debunked ‘Steele Dossier’ on Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, newly unsealed court filings have shown, according to Fox News.

McCain, who denied being the source of the leak to news site BuzzFeed, which published the unverified document in full in January 2017, did admit to giving it to the FBI, with court filings by former senior counterintelligence agent Bill Priestap confirming that McCain handed them the first 33 pages of the 35-page dossier in December 2016.

In other words, it appears that McCain, who initially denied any major involvement with disseminating the Dosser other than giving it to the FBI, played a much more active role in disseminating the Steele Dossier, without verifying its authenticity and in an effort to damage President Trump’s presidency.

McCain’s conduct undoubtedly pleased many Democrats, who have been pushing the now-debunked Russia collusion theory for years. For them, the fact that a Republican would do the “dirty work” and spread the unverified and false Dossier to the FBI (or other media sources) would make the “attack” on the president look less “partisan,” or “political” in nature. In reality, however, it made McCain look like a traitor and significantly tarnished his legacy. The fact that he allegedly engaged in conduct of this nature elicits anger and disappointment among many, who could easily construe McCain’s alleged conduct as collusion, not with the Russians, but with the Democrats and/or Fusion GPS.

John McCain’s decision to disseminate the Steel Dossier is entirely different than his decision to vote “no” with respect to repealing Obamacare. The latter, while frowned upon by many Republicans, was lawful and well within his right as a Senator. Therefore, this decision, while unpopular among many Republicans, easily fell within the “rules.” However, his decision to engage in conduct that could hurt/damage a current, sitting president is entirely different. This is especially true given his military background and his position as a Senator.

McCain was a Vietnam vet who served in the Navy for over 20 years. He was also a Senator before his untimely passing. Federal law requires everyone who enlists in the Armed Forces of the United States to take the enlistment oath. Moreover, as a United States Senator, McCain had to take the Oath of Office. Both oaths compel the individual to swear or affirm that they will support and defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies and bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

McCain’s decision to disseminate the unverified and bogus Steele Dossier for the purpose of damaging a sitting and duly-elected president directly goes against these oaths. As a Navy veteran, his alleged conduct reflected a lack of respect and honor. As a Senator, his alleged conduct pointed to a lack of candor. As set forth in a recent article written by Wayne Dupree,

Meghan McCain called out President Trump on Saturday after he tweeted against John McCain’s involvement in trying to damage his presidency with the Dossier he claimed he didn’t have a bigger role in disseminating which we have learned that he did.

Trump has every right to respond to the new information about McCain giving a fake news collection of documents to go after him and not check it out for authenticity.

Moreover, Rush Limbaugh previously stated, “here’s McCain, a Republican joining forces with all these anti-Never Trump people in an effort to bring Trump down and trafficking in pure BS.”

If true, this is not the behavior of a hero. It is not the type of behavior that deserves our respect. Rather, it is the type of behavior that will serve to further tarnish McCain’s legacy.

Mr. Hakim is a writer, commentator and an attorney. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, The Western Journal, American Thinker and other online publications.

Twitter: @ThoughtfulGOP

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