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SOLVED: The Mystery of AOCs Rise to Power

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ rise in the Democrat Party is bizarre, to say the least.

I’ve scratched my head, repeatedly, wondering how this bartender is suddenly a New York Congresswoman.
Now, the mystery is solved. She’s not a congresswoman. She’s an actress.

First, let me say there’s nothing wrong with being a bartender. But to jump from bartending to the House of Representatives with no other political experience is pretty perplexing.

Before you write this off as a conspiracy theory, let me explain. My great-aunt sent me a video. In it, we learn a group known as the Justice Democrats held auditions to determine the next candidate for Congress. And as we know, AOC won.

This video is pretty long, twenty-three minutes, to be exact. But it’s well worth the watch. If you can’t watch all of it, the first minute is enough to make you say “ahhh, I get it now.”

The stupidest representative in history got the job with her pretty face. It’s all a matter of brilliant casting.

Honestly, this actually sets my mind at ease a bit. I kept asking myself how a legislator could possibly call Reagan a racist.Or why this woman thinks student loans and climate change should deter a generation from reproducing.

(Although, if it keeps her from reproducing, I’m all for believing in climate change.) Even dumber, AOC apologized for being a woman who identifies as a WOMAN! Because identifying with the appropriate gender is a form of privilege most people just cannot understand.

We couldn’t make this stuff up folks! At every turn, AOC says something so ridiculous, it’s impossible to wrap our brains around it. But now, I can rest assured that she didn’t come up with the scheme to run for Congress on her own. There was simply a casting call, and AOC got the part.

If Ocasio-Cortez is playing a part on behalf of the Justice Democrats, then what are we really up against?

Who are the Justice Democrats?

The brains behind the operation is AOC’s campaign manager / Chief of Staff, Saikat Shakrabarti. He’s a Harvard grad, former organizer of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Liberals call him smart. Conservatives call him a crook. Along with coaching AOC on every issue, he also did a little creative financing during the election. Thanks to his efforts, we might see AOC behind bars, or at least paying some hefty fines her tip jar can’t cover.

Then, we have Cenk Uygur, leader of the Young Turks. His million dollar idea is to take over the democrat party completely. He wants every seat under his control. I understand, AOC thinks the Green New Deal is WWII, but she may want to go look up the word HITLER before she makes another move.

Clearly, Shakrabarti and Uygur could run for office, but they aren’t looking to control just one seat. Instead, they want to control every seat, thus executing a takeover of the United States.

I know what you’re thinking. This is just some far right conspiracy theory that doesn’t really pass the litmus test. So don’t take my word for it. Do a simple Google search of Justice Democrats or Saikat Shakrabarti. Then read, re-read, and ask more questions. Once you do your due-diligence, it will be clear. These people are dangerous.

Justice Democrats are working to manipulate the entire country.

The Puppet

AOC didn’t run for Congress on her own. Like the video says, she was run.

“She was used by this group, the Justice Democrats, as a figure head… These guys not only scripted and produced AOC’s beautiful campaign video, but they organized the entire grass roots campaign effort. They handled all the fund-raising, the social media, the ‘get out and vote’ effort. They turned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into a brand. And they used that brand to take control of that house seat. The people of New York did not elect a Puerto Rican girl from Brooklyn to represent them. They elected an Indian guy from Texas and a white guy from Tennessee.”

Obviously, this makes AOC a puppet. Thus, she can’t make her own decisions regarding legislation. Which means she can’t even vote yes on her pathetic Green New Deal if the Justice Dems, aka puppet masters, tell her no. Because what the Justice Dems giveth, the JD’s taketh away. Of course, Justice Dems crafted the Green New Deal, and it’s very likely AOC wasn’t even present when it was written. Still, AOC can rest assured the Green New Deal can secure at least one vote: hers.

AOC is a fake. Her tweets aren’t hers. Her speeches aren’t hers. And her opinions aren’t even hers.

So much for being a strong, independent leader of the left. She’s nothing more than a Barbie on a string.

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