Tim Pool Schools Twitter Executives on Their Leftist Bias

Joe Rogan’s podcast yesterday afternoon was compelling. He had Jack Dorsey of Twitterand his head of Trust and Safety, Vijaya Gadde to discuss Twitter’s various controversies with Tim Pool, a journalist and YouTuber. Tim was relentless in his pursuit of the facts and reasons Twitter does what it does. He had no problem dressing down Twitter for their obvious leftist bias.

We’ve all seen how Twitter and social media in general, seem to target conservatives for banishment or suspension. For something as bland as saying “Men aren’t women, though.”

Which is a biological fact. Twitter, though, chose a side. The side which clearly aligns with the leftist ideology. Twitter said stating a biological fact was targeted harassment. Even though it’s not.

Twitter is ensconced in the leftist ideology and don’t see what they’re doing is wrong, they’re biased and aren’t conscious of it. That’s the problem. They’re living in a bubble, they project their attitudes into their rules and enforce those rules on people who are not in their bubble.

What’s the solution?

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