Planned Parenthood puts out a creepy pro-infanticide video

Something is probably up in the abortion wars, because two high-impact videos advocating the pro-life and pro-choice points of view are making the rounds, presumably to rally their supporters.

Thomas Lifson has noted an estimable, must-watch video from Live Action, a pro-life advocacy group, showing a pro-life sidewalk counselor explaining to an uncertain woman with financial issues why abortion is not her only choice, telling her that alternatives are out there, and should she take action with abortion, she would be stopping her own baby's beating heart. It was a heartening video because the counselor probably helped save a baby's life.

Then there's Planned Parenthood's video, which is beyond revolting, given that it effectively advocates infanticide. It was spotted by Fox News host Charles V. Payne.

Against a background of twinkly wind-up-stuffed-animal music box music playing Brahms' lullaby, Planned Parenthood features a white, blue-eyed blonde baby girl clad in pink, smiling, gurgling, and looking all cute, interspersed with a slew of slogans about how "she deserves to be loved," and "she deserves to be wanted," and "she deserves to be a choice."

Really? She deserves to be a choice? And if she's not the choice, she needs to head out for the grinder, the incinerator, or the lucrative spare-parts market Planned Parenthood is so famous for profiting from? She no longer has inexorable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? She's just a convenience or not for her mom, and mom's got the final word?

It's revolting. And it's effectively an ad for infanticide. As the estimable writer Tom McArdle observes.

Here's the other thing, the big elephant in the room. Notice that the video features a happy, well-fed, very pretty, white baby girl. Smell the racism?

What happens if the baby is not happy, not well-fed, and not white? What happens if the baby is not pretty? The white baby may deserve to be "loved" and "wanted," as Planned Parenthood argues, probably trying to appeal to white suburban women, but what about the kid off camera, the black baby?

Planned Parenthood is effectively saying to go ahead and dispose of those.

And that point is very clear when one watches the pro-life video cited by Thomas Lifson here. The sidewalk counselor speaking to a distressed woman is talking to a black woman, and the baby whose life is on the line is likely black, too.

Planned Parenthood, whose origins are in the racist philosophy of Margaret Sanger, who wanted to end the black race altogether with abortion and birth control, has most of its "clinics' in black neighborhoods, profiting handsomely from them. And, most abortions performed in the U.S., by far, are targeted at black babies, something that has drawn the attention of civil rights leader, minister, and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Alveda King, who has noticed the racial agenda of the whole racket.

It's disgusting, the whole thing. One hopes it can only backfire on the perpetrators of these atrocities as the pro-life movement gains strength.

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