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Dear Men and Boys of America... Its time to wake up...

Dear Men and Boys of America... Its time to wake up and... Let's fight this war on the left and make love and America great again.

**Tune in to my LIVE "Make Love Great Again" PODCAST, every M, W, F from 12-1pm EST, LIVE. Please spread this vid and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get my latest videos & podcast episodes, news, and more **

**You can please support my work and mission of Making Love - and America - Great Again, via Paypal: Very much appreciated!

**Stellar videography credits to: 'Mister Martinho' of Bad-Ass Art Studio (Facebook: @martinhozinho)

**ALSO Featuring: Mindy Robinson (@iheartMindy) , Kaya Jones (@KayaJones), Traci Belmonte (@RealPolitiDiva), Reanna Dilley (_Hublette)

**Grab your copy of my controversial and redpill-filled new book that talks all about this and more, "Making Love Great Again! The New Road to Reviving Romance and Winning at Relationships" (for both men and women): Buy it on Paperback or Kindle on AMAZON!

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