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Antifa podcast host discusses “easily concealable” guns and “assassination”

The co-host of the far-left podcast, The Guillotine, recently took to Twitter to brainstorm with his 5K+ followers about the best way to organize an armed insurrection. “Dr. Bones” (@Ole_Bonsey) asked “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a “insurgent” focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more “militia” structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

The Guillotine covers “global current events from a revolutionary anarchist and communist perspective”. They have a large social media footprint for a relatively new podcast. They currently have over 5k Twitter followers, over 14K Facebook followers and 250 active monthly donors on their Patreon account.

The two co-hosts, @Ole_Bonsey and @DeadIrishRebel self identify as an “egoist-Communist” and “Marxist” respectively and based on the activity on their social media accounts they appear to be supporters of mass murdering Communist dictators and “revolutionaries” like Mao Zedong and Che Guevera.

Finally, here is the full thread (archived thread) in which this extremist leverages his followers to fine tune the best strategy for a violent armed insurrection. At one point he asked if “ambushes” and “assassinations” would be more effective in southern states. He also suggest using “easily concealable [weapons] platforms” so as not to “tip anyone off”.

Some of his extremist followers weighed in on the importance of communication, “Having a common language and tactics is unbelievably important in future situations where your 5 person cell has an opportunity for a big kill”

This Tweet was deleted shortly after our report was published

Another one of his followers, @JackHerer20, weighed in on the importance of being able to blend in with the population and only attacking in battles you can win. We actually profiled this Twitter user previously when he encouraged his followers to dox GOP officials and show up at their homes and also offered to pay someone to assassinate President Trump.

While the content of this thread does not appear to break the law, keep in mind that far-left extremist groups like antifa and others have been actively engaging in criminal activity and political violence for years now. This thread from the co-host of one of their more popular podcasts is a good indication of exactly how militant these groups are becoming.

The mission of Far Left Watch is to investigate, expose, and combat the far-left. Please share this article via Twitter, Facebook, etc. and encourage friendly media and YouTube content creators to report on this information.

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