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In order for an Islamic terrorist to gain entry into heaven, and to receive 72 virgins, he must become completely debt free before death. FBI docs show 'ISIS solider' Stephen Paddock was compliant in this.

According to the most authoritative Muslim scholars, the messenger of Allah, Mohammed, said, “the martyr will be forgiven for everything except debt.” Mohammed also said, “The soul of the believer is suspended because of his debt until it is paid off.” In order for jihadi martyrs to enter into paradise, they must be debt-free. This is not a recommendation, and it’s not a suggestion, but it is absolute sharia law.

Within hours of the Las Vegas shooting, ISIS referred to the killer with the Islamic name, Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki, and claimed the man, Stephen Paddock, had converted to Islam exactly six months prior to the attack.

While the FBI and LVMPD have both remained adamant in their claim that ISIS was not responsible for the Las Vegas shooting, it cannot go unnoticed that in the 81-page preliminary investigative report published by LVMPD on January 18th, 2018, investigators revealed that Stephen Paddock, an avid gambler, paid off all of his debtbefore allegedly carrying out the attack. In the LVMPD report, it was noted that “one aspect of the investigation focused on Paddock’s financials,” and emphasis was placed on the fact that Paddock had cleared himself of all of his debt before Oct. 1.

Clearing of debt is significant, because according to Islamic sharia law, one cannot be accepted into “paradise” unless all debts are cleared. The clearing of debt is a classic behavior carried out by jihadis before they activate and carry out an act of Islamic terror. According to John Guandolo, a former FBI counterterrorism expert, the clearing of debt is a classic red flag warning that indicates a jihadi is about to go kinetic.

The fact that investigators confirmed that Paddock cleared himself of all debt before the shooting took place gives further credence to ISIS’s claims that Paddock was an active Islamic jihadist who converted to Islam six months prior to the attack.

When it was revealed that Paddock cleared himself of thousands of dollars of debt and paid off his marker at the casino before allegedly carrying out his attack, the public and media were stunned and found themselves asking questions like, why would you pay off your debt at the casino if you’re planning on killing people and yourself?

In the early stages of the investigation, there were several reports that Stephen Paddock may have been inspired by his gambling debt to carry out the mass shooting, but the preliminary report released by LVMPD quickly proved that despite speculation and early claims by LVMPD and FBI that Paddock was on a “losing streak,” Paddock had zero debt at the time of his death and left behind a nearly five million dollar estate.

Although the FBI has remained adamant in their denial that ISIS played a role in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, there is no denying the fact that ISIS has rarely taken responsibility for an attack they didn’t commit, and even neglected at times to claim some attacks they could have easily taken credit for.

According to an analysis conducted by Rukmini Callimachi, who previously served as the West African Bureau Chief for Associated Press, out of 50 recent attacks in the West claimed by ISIS, only three were proven false. That’s a 6% error rate competing with an astounding 94% claim of accuracy by ISIS.

“The thing to understand is ISIS considers an attack to be their handiwork if the attacker is sent by them or if he is inspired by them,” Callimachi tweeted in Oct. 2017. “Beyond the attacks they’ve claimed, there are many more they could have claimed but didn’t. These are attacks where we know it was them.”

Directly following the Vegas shooting, ISIS released the following statement through their official news agency, Amaq:

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” the terror outlet reported.

In Amaq, ISIS also claimed, “the Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago.” However, immediately following ISIS’s claim of responsibility, FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse released a counter statement on behalf of the bureau, saying in an Oct. 2 press conference, “we have determined at this point no connection to an international terrorist organization.”

ISIS’s claim of responsibility and the FBI’s swift rebuttal came less than 24 hours after the massacre ended, hardly enough time for a full, or even partial, investigation to have been properly conducted, let alone analyzed to conclusively and affirmatively eliminate any connection Stephen Paddock may or may not have had to ISIS.

Following the FBI’s denial that ISIS was responsible for the Las Vegas shooting, ISIS doubled down on their claim in their weekly newsletter, Naba, released on October 5th, 2017, which rehashed details of the attack under a blood drenched image of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Following the release of their October 5th newsletter, ISIS has on at least two other occasions reaffirmed their claim of responsibility to the Las Vegas terror attack. Following the ISIS truck attack in New York City on Halloween of 2017, ISIS mentioned Paddock by his previously associated Islamic name, and called him their “soldier.”

The second instance was in Jan. 2018, when ISIS’s Wafa’ Media Foundation released a propaganda video calling for a copycat attack on Las Vegas, saying in the footage, “however, Las Vegas’s massacre is not far from you” along with a picture of popular Las Vegas strip hotels up in flames and a gun target positioned in the center.

Aside from the claims following the shooting, ISIS also named Las Vegas as a target prior to Oct. 1. In both May and June of 2017, videos appeared online calling for jihadists to rise up and attack the famous Las Vegas strip. In both cases, the LVMPD issued statements urging for both the public and law enforcement officials to remain vigilant in the face of a real threat against their city.

While the FBI has not publicly acknowledged ISIS’s additional claims of responsibility, it cannot be ignored that on March 14, 2018, several members of Congress were independently briefed on evidence that supports the multiple claims by ISIS, that the terrorist organization was responsible for the Las Vegas shooting.

The information briefed to members of Congress includes a hotel receipt that suggests three additional individuals who have ties to Guanajuato, Mexico participated in the Las Vegas shooting and came in through the U.S.-Mexican border, despite the FBI’s claim that Stephen Paddock acted alone and that the shooting was not a coordinated act of terrorism.

The receipt shows that a man by the name of German Torres Moreno rented a hotel room at the Knotty Pine Motel in North Las Vegas on September 29 throughout October 1, 2017, the day of the Las Vegas Shooting. Moreno checked into the hotel with his driver’s license, which was traced back to Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato is of significance, because it is where Mexican Military Intelligence discovered an ISIS recruiter in 2015.

Stephen Paddock is not the first example of a possible jihadi who paid off all his debt before carrying out an attack. A quick overview of some of the most well known terror attacks reveals that before committing jihad, terrorists spend time taking care of their financial and family matters, ensuring they have no debts and ensuring that their families are financially taken care of.

Prior to the Las Vegas shooting, investigators discovered that Paddock made a $100,000 international bank transfer to his Filipino girlfriend, Marilou Danley, another strong indicator that ISIS is truthful in its claim that Paddock converted to Islam six months prior to the attack.

Other instances of jihadis who paid off their debts before committing jihad include the 9/11 hijackers and Omar Mateen, the Pulse Night Club shooter.

If one thing is true, it’s the majority of news reporters and media pundits have absolutely no knowledge of Islamic sharia law and the significance of debt with regards to Jihad. Combine the media ignorance regarding Islamic jihad with a flawed FBI investigation and the lack of media attention given to the shooting, and an uninformed public emerges aided by a complicit media that screams “conspiracy” when unspoken facts are brought to light.

The FBI may not want to admit these truths, and the media can choose to ignore reality as well, but media ignorance of sharia law doesn’t make these facts a conspiracy. ISIS is here, and it’s time to wake up and face the fact that ISIS has never taken responsibility for an attack they didn’t commit.

Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist who began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. She tweets @LauraLoomer.

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