The quickest turnaround in show biz history: Part 2

After posting notice on FB about my radio show being cancelled, I thought of how I could get back on the air, ASAP.

This was my tenth year and the show was hotter than ever. Even more ironic is that station owner Robert Mahaffey had just awarded me the coveted spot of opening for Rush and Hannity. He added a half an hour to my show.

So, unless Robert was totally schizoid, my cancellation wasn't due to the show's popularity or content. Either Robert directed this coup or he decided to become actively clueless to the truth — or there's another explanation.

Shortly after Mahaffey dropped my show, an anonymous Topix contributor conspicuously labeled from a Springfield, Missouri location, used several posts to LIBEL me.

On 1/31/18 Spyder from Springfield, MO. wrote, "truth is the school board/university won't want their sports games broadcast on the same station that broadcasts a war mongering jew."

Then on 2/9/18 Spyder posted, "dave took down the last several weeks podcasts, probably because he's a loudmouth slandering jew!"

To the best of my knowledge Springfield is the home of Mahaffey AND his lawyer, Chip.

FASCINATING! Two days after my "release" I received a phone call from Robert's lawyer, Chip. He said I had slandered his client by calling him "Dopey" on Facebook. Even more interesting is that the law defines the written word as "libel." Slander is defamation by the spoken word.


The angry tirade I was subjected to by Robert Mahaffey the owner of Mahaffey Enterprises, was the first time he had expressed anger at me. His mistake was he identified me with as one of those who would cower under his attack.

It became apparent to Mahaffey I wasn't going to kowtow his spiteful bullying. I told him he could do whatever he wanted in terms of dropping my show but he wasn't entitled to yell or lecture me.

He toned it down then cancelled me. We hung up. Two minutes later I called him back. I told him to cancel all my advertising with his stations. I had put over $2,000,000 into his and his father's pockets for the last 43 years.

After airing my show-cancelling news on Facebook and Twitter, I thought about what I could do to fight back. There was never any doubt I'd get back on the air.

My son and business partner Aaron, a podcast specialist thought we could put a show together that would stream live while receiving phone calls on Facebook. In light of that, I contacted my regular interview subjects. They pledged their support by calling into my son's studio in his attic to be taped.

On Wednesday, I was coming back from a business lunch and passed by a large antenna. I said to myself, why not go in? What do you have to lose?

I did a U-turn and walked into KKID 92.9FM from which I learned was the most listened to station in three counties.

The owner, Steve Wheeler took me on a tour. I asked if he had heard what had happened at the other station. He had. I asked if he was interested. He was.

Within 27 hours of Robert's nasty call, I had a new three-hour gig, doubling what I had for most of my nine-year stint at the last station.

Steve has been present for my shows and is quite supportive. His son, Jesse is my producer and songwriter.

Legendary radio star, Stan Hines and show supporter is my director. Unlike my last gig, they are dedicated to making the show better than it ever was. As old and new listeners find my show we are being called on with more opportunities than we imagined.

AND NOW A WORD FROM MY SPONSORS When Robert cancelled me, I had about 24 sponsors, almost all of whom I'd sold — personally. I communicated with them after I was dropped. I told them while I'd love to have them sponsor me on KKID92.9, I wanted them to make a business decision, not a personal one.

Little did I know that ALL of them would remain loyal to my show and sponsor me on KKID92.9FM.

I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Still am~

For the last two shows on Robert's station I got to open for Rush and Hannity.

Now Queen and The Eagles open for me.

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