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Dershowitz Destroys Toobin: ‘I’m Utterly and Completely Consistent and Nonpartisan and Jeffrey, You


DERSHOWITZ: "It is not in support -- I have no interest in whether Donald Trump is exonerated or not. If the evidence is against him, I will be the first person to call him out on it. I am asking for noncriminalization of political differences, narrow construction of the criminal law, civil liberties to apply equally to Democrats and Republicans. What you accuse me of is not being partisan. You want me to have a different standard against Donald Trump than I did in relation to the Clintons and with everybody else. I have said the same thing about Bob Menendez. I said the same thing about everybody who has been prosecuted. I'm saying the same thing about Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. I am utterly and completely consistent and nonpartisan and Jeffrey, you haven't."

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