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One Line Philosopher TOP TEN!

10. Today’s soaring eagle is tomorrow’s lame duck

9. Smile in the mirror each morning—it may be the only one you get back all day.

8. I do laundry like the UN. I put all colors in one load and let ‘em fight it out.

7. The best way to get to heaven is to be down to earth

6. Be an oasis not a mirage.

5. I hear you tried donating your brain to science but they were only taking used ones.

4. Your honor won’t be besmirched as much as your character diminished.

3. I stepped on a mute—he eviscerated me in sign language. He was a land mime.

2. Often, the first step to opening your mind is shutting your mouth

1. Yesterday’s silver bullet is today’s rusty nail.

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