Ft. Lauderdale #1 unsafe city--St. Louis #2

CBS Local — No big city can say they can make their streets crime or hazard-free, but one personal finance website says some cities around the U.S. are doing a better job keeping residents safe than others. WalletHub has released its list of this year’s safest cities in America and the rankings for some of the country’s biggest population centers may have some Americans wanting to move.

The list ranked 182 U.S. cities based on three main areas of concern: home and community safety, financial security, and the risk of a natural disaster. Topping the list in 2017 was the small New Hampshire city of Nashua. The home of around 88,000 people finished in the Top 25 in each category.

Several major U.S. cities will be looking to tighten up their public safety in 2018 after finishing in the bottom third of WalletHub’s rankings; including Boston (133rd), Chicago (135th), Los Angeles (143rd), Miami (144th), and Dallas (164th). New York City, while having the highest number of police officers per capita, finished 142nd in community

safety and 132nd overall.

At the bottom of this year’s list was Fort Lauderdale, Florida, followed by St. Louis, Missouri and San Bernardino, California. California also had the dubious distinction of having the top four cities in terms of highest unemployment rate. Detroit had the fifth highest jobless rate.

While the threat of a natural disaster weighed heavily into WalletHub’s list, most Americans were found to be more concerned about being the victim of a violent crime. A recent Gallup poll found that nearly 40 percent of adults fear “being a victim of a mass shooting,” and 30 percent worry about acts of terrorism.

Here’s a look at WalletHub’s Top 10 safest cities for 2017:

  1. Nashua, NH

  2. South Burlington, VT

  3. Warwick, RI

  4. Columbia, MD

  5. Gilbert, AZ

  6. Fargo, ND

  7. Lewiston, ME

  8. Plano, TX

  9. Portland, ME

  10. Brownsville, TX

Here’s a look at WalletHub’s LEAST safest cities for 2017:

173. Jackson, MS 174. Baton Rouge, LA 175. Chattanooga, TN 176. Orlando, FL 177. Little Rock, AR 178. Detroit MI 179. Oklahoma City, OK 180. San Bernardino, CA 181. St. Louis, MO 182. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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