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Guess who else is building a wall?

Some walls are meant to keep people in. Some walls are meant to keep people out. Some walls can be broken down with solid therapy and two glasses of Cab Sauv. Taylor Swift, for her part, is building a wall around her Beverly Hills mansion. It’s hard to say what kind of wall this one will be yet, but the objective appears to be keeping paparazzi and other bogeymen out, according to TMZ, which has viewed the permit for the new build.

Per TMZ, the singer will install the 6.5-foot cinder-block thing around her front porch, and then an additional 7-foot-tall retaining wall by her tennis court. She bought the home in 2015, and also petitioned to have it designated a historic landmark (tax breaks, baby, but also movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn built the place with his wife in 1934). The home has undergone restoration under the direction of architect Monique Schenk for the better part of this year, so this addition must be a final touch of sorts.

It seems like a smart move to build a wall. Swift is the Grammy-winning-est, record-selling-est, fan-richest country-turned-pop star to have ever lived on either coast, plus Nashville. Privacy must be hard to come by, and there are a lot of haters afoot, after all. At least one photographer has already tried to get the photos he can get while he can still get them.

One can see how a 7-foot wall—the height of one LeBron James on his tippy toes—will protect the lazier paparazzi from getting a shot of Swift’s killer backhand. The ones who just track, follow, point, and click stand no chance against this wall. But what of the paparazzi with stepladders? What of the paparazzi with drones? For those technological work-arounds, there are surely other measures that the singer is taking. Surely she’s thought of everything.

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