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Killing Justice--By Dave Weinbaum

A year after the epic election of a non-politician business man there can be no doubt that hundreds if not thousands of felonies have been committed:

· Shredding government-owned emails-33,000 of them-each a potential felony count.

· Using an illegal server for classified information accessible to 300 others with no security clearance.

· Computers destroyed by bleach bits.

· Blackberries sledge hammered.

· Six anti-corruption statutes-all felonies.

· Racketeering felonies for using a charity for criminal enterprises.

· Using your government position to sell a dangerous commodity to a foreign country for $145 million and $500,000 for one Moscow speech.

· Paying a foreign nation to influence a political campaign.

· Hiding the funding of the above during a political campaign along with the national party.

· An AG threatening an undercover FBI agent with jail for revealing what he learned about Uranium One.

You’re probably thinking, that’s an even split between the crimes of the Hillary campaign and Trump’s. Or, if you’re a believer in the MSM and other fairytale mongers, who claim ALL crimes were committed by The Donald and his peeps.

You would be wrong!

Every single crime has thousands upon thousands of felony counts with penalties of hundreds of years in the hoosegow. Some of the crimes are so dangerous they could result in life sentences or even the death penalty in the case of treason. This is solely on the heads of the Dems and Hillary. And we’re just finding out who else in the Obama Administration may have abetted the crimes—right up to Barack Obama.

To be fair, here is a complete list of known crimes evidenced by the Trump Campaign and Administration:






Oh and I forgot this one:


Hear those Dem crickets chirping?

That’s right! There’s not a scintilla of evidence of crimes being committed by Trump’s campaign or administration.

Just ask Senator Diane Feinstein, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. She has consistently denied any culpability to the President, his family or associates despite nearly being water boarded by the ravenous MSM.

While some survive by hide and no seek, winners cut to the chase

One stalwart who isn’t cowering is Congressman Jim Jordan. In his questioning of AG Jeff Sessions, Jordan demanded an answer from the mysterious general on his almost four month non-response to Congress’s demand for a special prosecutor. He was elusive in his response.

Do we need a second SP to beat up the first one?

In the sense that this prosecutor without a dog in this hunt, unlike Mueller, will be assigned actual crimes as DOJ guidance demands—yes!

Mueller has been compromised more than Senator Menendez’s South American hookers. Like a political Frankenstein he’s been created from the poisoned tree of a false DNC-Clinton funded anti-Trump Russian dossier. A secret FISA court enabled the FBI and Mueller to surveil a political nominee of the Republican Party, Donald J. Trump. Intel agents and an UN ambassador are guilty of unmasking over 260 United States Citizens right up to and after the election. It’s alleged that the FBI payed $50,000 to the author of the lying dossier, Christopher Sterling.

Comey has been outrageously ridiculous as an FBI Director. His investigation of Hillary’s espionage was a sham with written exonerations of her crimes in mid investigation. Then in a power grab worthy of Castro, he pulled the rug out from under the DOJ by verbally indicting Hillary then pardoning her with the power only a president has.

Mueller should have his law license revoked for accepting the SP appointment when it became known that he, Rosenstein, McCabe and Comey were investigating the sale of Uranium One to Putin back in 2009.

There’s nothing that would prevent Sessions from appointing a special prosecutor with definitive crimes to be investigated.

If not, he should run against Judge Moore for the senate and rejoin the house of gutless retirees.

This smacks of corruption from with the collusion of Democrats and maybe a few RINOS to overthrow a president while covering their own arses.

Lady Justice has a blindfold for a reason.

Americans know that she’s blindfolded to give equal justice to all—lest we all go blind to our rights.

I am hereby stealing the slogan of the left.


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