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One Line Philosopher TOP TEN!!

The One Line Philosopher…

Top Ten of The Week

By Dave Weinbaum


10. What kind of pictures does Santa take? Elfies

9. Where do geeks start formal education? Nerdary School.

8. Fake just enough of what people think of you—then surprise them

7. Never allow yourself to be blindsided by a blank sign.

6. The greener the grass the richer the soil underneath


5. Be thankful we can think— then think about giving thanks

4. If you don’t finish what you start you start down the road to being finished

3. I used to be a criminal lawyer but decided to go straight.

2. What kind of sport do insects play? Mothballs with the bats

1. Group thinking is what killed the dinosaurs

COMING SOON!!! The One Line Philosopher 2018 Desktop Calendar! Be listening to the show and watching for details on how to get yours!

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