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Exorcist G-d's Angels? 3 young women have rid people of over 2,000 demons.

But that’s not the case for 23-year-old Brynne Larson from Arizona, who battles Satan and performs dramatic exorcisms to banish demons, between lectures.

Brynne is part of a glamorous trio – along with Savannah, 26, and Tess Shurkenback, 23, - who call themselves the All-American Exorcists, after renaming from the Teenage Exorcists.

They work as a badass Bible-bashing squad who claim to rid people of the devil inside them.

The aspiring doctor has performed 2,000 exorcisms since she started at the tender age of 13, after being trained up by her dad Reverend Bob Larson.

Armed with just a Bible, cross, holy water and a few choice words, the young woman says she has cast out demons of voodoo and witchcraft and many others, in 23 different countries.

Brynne admitted that the “act” of removing a demon can become very physical at times.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Brynne said: “We’ve had to stop exorcisms because we haven’t had enough people to hold onto them, it’s become too violent and we’ve had to regroup.

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt. At the same time to get that demon out it is evil, it wants to come at you, sometimes it does have to get very physical.

“My main goal is I don’t want to them to get hurt. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the demon out.

“Dad has had his ribs cracked before, I’ve taken a punch or two but nothing very serious.

“Russian demons are very violent so we’ve seen some very spectacular 12 people hanging onto one person exorcisms.”

Brynne said that exorcisms are not about “levitating and heads spinning around”, as many people believe, but she can definitely see the “evil” manifest in someone who is possessed.

She recalled: “I’ll never forget the first time I looked at someone and saw that evil looking back at me. It’s almost indescribable.

“It’s palpable. It’s in their eyes, it’s in their body language.

“You can almost sense it in your spirit. This is not someone being crazy or acting. When a demon is up is it very obvious. Unmistakable.”

Thankfully her dad was on hand to encourage the then 13-year-old girl “tackle the demon”, who manifesting in a man in South Africa.

She said: “It was a powerful demon of voodoo. Dad was working with it and then all of a sudden it looked at me and it was just that evil emanating.

“I knew if it could hurt me it would but it couldn’t.”

That moment proved pivotal for Brynne, and she set out to make it her life’s work alongside her religious father and two friends.

She confessed: “Once I cast that demon out I was like ‘wow this isn’t as hard or a crazy as it looks’.

“God did all the heavy lifting and I just had to be there and do my part. It was very empowering to see that evil and being able to fight it with the goodness of God.”

Brynne warned that she has seen people with multiple demons during her time, and it can often take more than a one-hour session to rid them of the evil.

She explained: “We deal with anyone who comes to us. I’ve seen it all. Demons of lust, anger, witchcraft, there is a specific demons such as Jezebel.

“It’s complicated because someone can spend their whole life getting demons, having issues and getting messed up.

“You might cast out a demon on witchcraft, but you might have a demon of lust or anger so you have to deal with that as well.

“And then a lot of people come to see dad and expect to spend an hour casting the demon out and you are good to go.”

Once the demon has been exorcised out of someone, Brynne said that they have to be careful it doesn’t go into someone else in the room.

She said: “It’s a very valid concern. When we cast out demons we always tell them to go back to the pit of hell.

“We pray and tell them where to go and they have to obey.

“Thankfully a demon can’t just jump into someone, so don’t go around thinking ‘oh my gosh it can jump into me at any time’. A demon has to have a right to attack.”

Brynne said a demon can become part of your life through multiple outlets, including dabbling in the occult, through alcohol and drug abuse and even sometimes through the music you listen to.

She explained: “The Bible talks about things to avoid such as witchcraft. If you are getting your palm read by a psychic, reading horoscopes, if you go to see a psychic, if you play with a Ouija board, if you try and cast spells, that’s opening up a door to the Devi l.

“That’s giving him a right to come into your life and attack you. So witchcraft is a huge area we see a lot of torment and possession.”

She is now studying at Arizona State University, so has less time to travel the world with her exorcist crew Savannah, who is now married, and Tess.

But Brynne revealed that she has visited the UK in the past and claimed witchcraft is a big problem.

She said: “Witchcraft has a big stronghold on the UK right now so a lot of people trying to cast spells and we dealt with a woman who went to a witch doctor.

“That was kind of extreme but it happens more often than you think and it opens the doors to demons.”

Many sceptics have slammed her work as being a money-making scam.

But Brynne claims she has never received a penny for her exorcisms – despite her dad saying on the Anderson Cooper talk show he can get up to $500 (£380) for an exorcism.

Single Brynne accepts that not everyone will understand what she does, and she has had boyfriends in the past break up with her over her exorcism work.

But she is resolute to the cause and has no plans to stop.

She said: “I have the skills to help someone if they needed it so I want to donate my time to help and I can’t just turn my back on that.

“It’s touching that I’m allowed to get the opportunity to see something extraordinary.

“It’s not me doing it, it’s God working through me. I just have to show up and do the best that I can.”

We previously shared how her dad Bob has set up an online exorcism school to train others in the art of casting out evil.

Exorcisms aren't only happening in the States, this footage of Italian priests casting out demons will shock you.

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