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There was a time you could be called a proud Democrat and it would mean something. There was a time you could be called a dedicated Republican and you could take that to the bank.


The dark state swamp has overwhelmed the Democratic Party, the MSM, our Intel agencies and significant numbers of the Republican hacks. Panderers from both parties don’t grasp the heart-felt, passionate public revolution from the elections of 2010 through and culminating in Donald Trump’s amazing victory over them.

The question is which side can be worked with to achieve Trump’s agenda?

I, for one, believe you can fix stupid if the Congressman is willing to learn.

Many are entrenched with emotional ties so tight it blinds and binds the mind. It has them uttering stupid identity politics or Russian fairy tales.

Their denial has them dead set on destroying our institutions, Constitution, race relations, justice system and trust in our government. Many believe that some intend for us to be buried in the Communist hell that has ensconced about 100 million in just the last two centuries.

Let’s not parse words. Evil is embedded in both parties. The hate in the Republicans is a traitorous sort. They got elected by begging their constituents to vote for them because of the promises they made to repeal and replace Obamacare, end the Iran deal, stop the disrespect for our flag, lower taxes and hatred for police and military.

When push came to shove the cowards in the Republican Party ruled the day. Worse, when they voted exactly opposite of how they campaigned, few so-called conservatives laid into them.

They just let it slide—ho-hum—another day in their fantasy world where they don’t have to put up with doubling health insurance rates and skyrocketing deductibles. The insurance companies know Obamacare is in a death spiral, yet the Congress of the USA doesn’t seem to give a fig about the average Joe who is now essentially on his own and without health coverage.

The Senate is the worst.

As one Congressman told me, it’s more like a retirement home for mostly old-lazy-legislators who have figured out how to lie and STILL get reelected for another six years.

It’s a good gig—light on work with amazing benefits.

I told him he and the rest of the Republicans in should be all over their colleagues in the Senate. This is no time to crawl in a corner and moan to each other. SPEAK OUT—NAME NAMES AND KICK SOME LEGISLATIVE ARSE!


Enter Steve Bannon, tagged by the MSM as the Darth Vader of the Trump Administration. If you listened to his speech at the Virtues Voter meeting a few days ago, he told Trump when everyone was abandoning him when Billie Bush’s NBC surprise tape was released.

Bannon told Trump he had no chance of losing.

Steve’s not shy about naming names and kicking Senator arse. He’s all over Corker’s outspoken cowardice after he dropped out of his senate race. Then there’s Senators Barrasso, McConnell, Fischer, Heller and Hatch. He called them out for not coming to a mic TO CONDEMN the Rinos who are sabotaging the President.

Many question the loyalty of Trump to his past staffers and cabinet. Yet almost all have backed the President to the point to where one has to wonder if The Donald released them purposefully so that they can gin up support for his agenda while fighting back against the fake-news press. Seems it’s easier to fight from outside than from their stifling existence behind the closed doors of the White house.

These include Priebus, Gorka, Bannon, Goertz, Flynn, Manafort and Lewandowski. Flynn and Manafort are currently under the heavy hand of Mueller and his Phishing Phantasy Probe into how to impeach a president who has not been charged for a crime.

Those who fail to understand the historical necessity of Donald J. Trump’s leadership are doomed to the bowels of lost history.

Or, am I wrong?

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