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The so-called Trump Campaign “investigation” is nothing more than a canard. But it is a lot more than meets the borsht.

Remember when Trump said this March that he was being wiretapped by Obama at Trump Tower? Everybody, including republicans laughed at him.

How could this clueless inexperienced politician accuse the previous administration of what amounts to the seditious overthrow of an election? How dare he tie that on the first black president of the United States?! DOG WHISTLE RACIST ALERT!

Then there’s the recent revelation of Republican operative, Roger Stone, a Trump affiliate. The subject of many Dem public lies, Stone was rubber-hosed in private by those same Dems in Congress. He demanded to have the records of that hearing released to the general public.

The committee declined.

But Stone did reveal some news the MSM ignored. There’s no evidence the Russians were responsible for the DNC leaks of John Podesta’s email. In fact, because the DNC refused to cooperate and release the invaded computers it indicated to Roger that it was probably an inside job—including getting these revealing and revolting missives to Wiki-leaks.

And unlike the bogus anti-Trump Russian dossier, the guilt induced emails were never challenged.

Meanwhile here are some quotes denigrating Trump’s accusation of Obama spying on him:

· BBC: “…Not backed by any evidence” and Obama’s DNI, Clapper denied ANY wiretapping had been ordered.

· Former FBI Director James Comey: “…the alleged wiretapping directed at him (Trump) by prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets…”

· Senate senior intelligence committee Republican Richard Burr: “No indications” that Trump Tower was a subject of surveillance.

· Speaker Paul Ryan: “No such wiretap existed.”

Pretty definitive denials, eh?

About ten days ago, CNN reported, “The government wiretapped Trump’s (former) campaign chairman Paul Manafort “…before and after the 2016 campaign using FISA.” CBS confirmed the FISA warrants—as did Fox News.

If anyone reading this doesn’t believe that this was a ploy to get directly at Trump, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. It’s submerged in Puerto Rico right now—but I’ll give you SUCH A DEAL!

The facts have exploded on the scene, dramatically. The ex-president should be under investigation by Mueller for the Russian ruse perpetuated upon the American people and their LEGALLY elected President, Donald J. Trump.

And the Dems know it—ergo the haste to waste Trump before the evidence against him was proven to be farcical. They tried to bury Trump before he got his DOJ into gear.

From Hillary to Susan Rice to Loretta Lynch to Samantha Powers to James Comey to the two intel creeps, John Brennon and James Clapper their felonies are countless. These traitors face thousands of years in jail if there were any justice left in this country.

And the chief criminal is Barack Hussein Obama.

In my mind here’s what happened.

Dems are so complicit in their agreement that they swindled the electorate so well that Trump couldn’t possibly have won if he hadn’t figured out how to cheat better.

And you think Trump was isolated in being surveilled? Here are a few others who suffered the terror of having been spied upon by the Obama creeps:

· James Rosen, Fox News reporter.

· James Rosen’s parents.

· The AP.

· Sharyl Attkisson, CBS reporter and five-time Emmy Award winner watched in amazement as her computer was so hacked it acted independently on its own

And then there’s our infamous war hero, Senator John McCain. He took it upon himself to discuss the false British, Dem funded dossier and took a copy of it to James Comey. This was a month AFTER the election

The solution will be ugly. But to save this country from civil war, the DOJ and Republicans need to grow a pair and face this attack on our government.

Grow up Republicans. This is an overthrow attempt of the American government.

It must be stopped—NOW AND FOREVER.

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