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One Line Philosopher...TOP TEN!

The One Line Philosopher…

Top Ten of The Week

By Dave Weinbaum


10. Why did the Sushis divorce? Too many eye rolls

9. Being wasted wastes time.

8. Before you hook yourself up to someone else’s star, pack a parachute.

7. When time is short, take deep breaths.

6. If you believe in the Second Amendment, stick to your guns—no matter what

5. They made a law against lying to get sex. There go America’s weekend plans.

4. Never hang with peeps who wear “I’m with stupid” T-shirts.

3. I locked my mockingbird and parrot in a cage match—I let them peck it out

2. The great thing about my site for seniors is I never have to update it

1. Sometimes it’s a big advantage to know you’re not that smart.

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