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Want to reduce Terror in Israel? Deport family members to war-torn Syria and whom ever else abetted

The families of Palestinian terrorists should be deported to Syria, Housing Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu) said on Tuesday morning as he stood at the site of the terror attack by the back gate of Har Adar that claimed the lives of three Israelis. Those who engaged in terror, “have to pay a price," Galant said.

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“If you want to live side by side in cooperation, in liberalization and in freedom with the Israelis and work here, you are very welcome.

“If you want to kill Israeli kids, we will deport you, not to Gaza, but to Syria. You are not allowed to stay here,” Galant said before heading to the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem. He was one of many Israeli politicians who blamed the attack on the Palestinian Authority for inciting and educating its people to violence against Israel. “It is not something that started right now and today. If we want to make sure that the roots of terror are eliminated in this region, we need make sure that the Palestinian Authority behaves differently,” Galant said. He went on to say that as part of its push to renew the peace process, the US must ensure that the PA does not incite or educate its people toward terror. In particular, he said, the PA must halt its monthly payments to terrorists and their families. He also addressed the issue of Palestinian workers who enter Israeli settlements and communities within sovereign Israel to work. “We are willing to cooperate and to check them and to give them the best options that we can under the circumstances,” said Galant, adding that this can only be done if they do not engage in terror. It is not possible, he added, to create a situation that is one-hundred percent full proof. The terrorist, Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jamal, 37, was one of some 200 Palestinian laborers who enter Har Adar on a daily basis to work in the settlement. Public Safety Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said that the terrorist had acted alone and had no past engagement in terror that would have indicated that he posed a danger. Erdan said that over the past days, he had personally surveyed the police preparations to prevent terror attacks. “There was no specific warning,” said Erdan. But lone wolf attackers are those who are susceptible to incitement, especially the kind that comes from radical Islam, he added. Moving forward, he said, security procedures for worker permits granted to Palestinians will be reevaluated. “But we can’t jump to conclusions. In an era when there is ideological terror, you cannot predict where the next terror attack will come from." There have been hundreds of terror attacks that have been thwarted in the past few years by the quick actions of officers on the scene, said Erdan. He added that the police do a very good job at this kind of rapid response and their performance should be improved even further, because it is the best way to prevent harm from these attacks. "It's impossible to create the determinative profile for the next terrorist. It could happen anywhere based on any profile, it could be a man or a woman, from this background or that,” said Erdan. He called for an international coalition to fight such terror attacks and make it illegal for organizations to legitimize lone wolf attacks. “We have to recognize that this is a religious conflict [fueled by] extremist Islam that is trying to harm those who believe the values of the free world,” he said.

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