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One Line Philosopher TOP TEN---9/18/17

The One Line Philosopher…

Top Ten of The Week

By Dave Weinbaum


10. Crooked paths delay your arrival

9. Never inflate your performance with drugs when you can deflate the ball instead

8. Who said G0d has no sense of humor. He said man should live with woman

7. Remember the days when “going viral” meant you got to stay home from school

6. Shine a bright light into the black hole of despair

5. I took generic anti-depressants. I could only afford cheap tirades

4. Use the strongest barriers to harden your resolve

3. If some phones are 6g and others 9g is an orgy better

2. I applied to be a mohel but I didn’t make the cut

1. Never create an itch with no consideration of the scratch.

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