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If you’ve learned anything from Donald Trump, it’s his ability to show up and shut down any politician. He made his money the hard way.

They got there’s by BSing their way to riches by telling voters they were going to do stuff they never intended to do. Then they’d go out of their way to fund the very people in the other party the voters hated. Trump saw this and called both sides out. #Drain the swamp and #Build the wall were corner stones of what his voters knew the professional pols wouldn’t mention.

For those who questioned his agility as a leader, it’s become apparent that he’s determined to work with any party that will advance his agenda for the benefit of all Americans.

It’s really pretty simple.

It’s called LEADERSHIP. And you get there with people willing to make things happen and fire or ignore those who impede you.

But you always keep the door open—just in case the reprobates see the light.

Those who let things happen usually lose to those who make things happen

Even better than Trump not being a politician is he’s not dependent on either party’s popularity. As I’ve asserted in previous columns, Trump is a party of his own.

Both love and hatred of him are intense and widespread. There are very few people who are ambivalent about The Donald.

Then there’s the jealousy factor.

He’s an outrageous Manhattan real estate mogul show biz experienced billionaire who has a knack for publicity and knows the buttons to push with media. He is Darth Vader-Mr. Big Bucks pushing the little guy to be poorer and poorer. Oh and don’t mention his white superiority complex with blacks and Muslims!

This is how the MSM talks about him 24-7 and it’s completely false.

Ask the geniuses of the left, like Bernie and Liz. Those two, rich in their own right and hypocrites on all facets of our culture and Constitution don’t want you to know their scams.

Nor do they want you to know truth about Trump.

Don’t forget to pack your courage for your journey to greatness

Trump has been misinterpreted more than Cinderella.

In fact, he reminds me of James J. Braddock. James was an injury-plagued boxer approaching his 30’s. He was de-licensed for giving such poor performances while fighting with a broken hand. Braddock was so poor he collected welfare from the Feds during the depression just to feed his three kids and wife and keep them under the same roof.

Braddock came back to beat a multitude of so-called better and younger boxers to become heavyweight champion of the world. He beat a man who was a heavy favorite and dirty fighter, Max Baer.

The lead dog must face the cold winds first

After a roaring start, Trump was forced to depend on federal bankruptcy laws just to stay afloat. Instead of quitting in shame, The Donald fought back-rebuilding and expanding his kingdom all over the world to the tune of $ten billion or more.

He experienced, like Braddock, winning, losing and coming back like a champion with a purposeful vengeance.

Like Braddock, Trump was seemingly out-politicked by 17 mostly experienced Gop-ers experienced in the art of political cage fights where few rules applied. In a shocking demonstration of nasty and sometimes demented counter attacks from Donald he devoured the entire group and readied himself for the biggest challenge of his life.

The Max Baer-like character saw Trump as a novice who would be so easily slayed she wouldn’t even have to campaign on weekends.

This arrogant candidate, a Max Baer-like character wore pantsuits and answered to the first woman president. She cheated in debates and was in the middle of a nasty felony investigation by the FBI. Yet, Hillary listened to her toadies who told her the magic words. “You’re a lock!” Having knowledge of thrown urns and ashtrays plus many unexplained deaths around her and Bill can be a terrific motivation to lie one’s arse off.

They all went down. Trump was elected president.


The American people were tired of race-baiting anti-police-military-school discipline-pro riot-illegal non-vetted aliens-Islamic fanatic terrorists-being propped up by a President and Secretary of State who would make our allies cringe. Their ignorance was shown many times and the danger became real and pressing right now!

The fans of Trump voted for him in multitudes. They came from the Democrats and Republicans. They liked someone who told them what they already knew—THIS GREAT COUNTRY WAS LESS THAN A DECADE FROM GOING DOWN.

Even the bells of midnight won’t turn Trump into a political hack.

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