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Evidence has mounted ever since Donald J. Trump took that famous escalator ride down his humble abode, Trump Tower. It was a curious scene.

This man worth from four (MSM count) to over ten (HIS count) $billion shocked many people when he seemed seriously set on running for the Presidency of The United States. Most thought it some kind of promotion—a new gig for the ultimate apprentice role—with the American people as the boss.

Strange and unusual things began to happen. Trump devoured 17 other Republican candidates and did it with growing resentment from the Republican Establishment. They call(ed) themselves “Never-Trumpers” which I interpret as the “Always Losers.” Their jealous hate has not abated.

American voters spoke loud and clear. They shouted “FIRED” to over twenty candidates over a one year span. Only two survived.

Hillary VS The Donald—the greatest show on crime—Hillary’s.

The polls and the pundits were close to being 100%--WRONG!

I recently had a business/political meeting in DC. Karl Rove made a predictable presentation. I challenged Rove on how he and his fellow “experts” were so far off in recent polls including his last two presidential elections.

I asked Karl if the pollsters were fooled by:

1. Democrats, Republicans and Independents lying to them about being Trump supporters.

2. The slanted coverage of the polls by the MSM.

3. The ignoring of vast crowds that Trump and Pence drew vs. the scant ones for Hillary and Tim Kaine.

4. The Trump Campaign mastery of social media, far surpassing Hillary’s tech savvy.

5. People who came out of the woodwork to vote Trump, who had been absent in previous elections and politics.

He had no good answer to this.

What I concluded four months ago is a third party had been created—just like a volcano shapes a new island. It’s all of the above clashing with the Deep State, forming molten lava that appeared just as the election hit.

All it needs is a name. My suggestion is The America First Party.

My psychiatrist diagnosed me with multiple personalities—I was beside myself—and so was I

America fired Hillary and the Dems. In one last-gasp prayer for promise fulfillment, voters put Repubs back in office with majorities intact. Even these lackluster losers were better than the Communists, Socialists and race baiters the Dems offered.

In eight months, the Repub Congress has accomplished almost nothing!

Repub support for Trump is good when he seems popular. But let him have a perceived bad moment or be subject to a false coordinated attack from Dems and the MSM and watch the sanctimonious asses who call themselves Republican. Amongst them are losers—Senator John “No Vote” McCain, Senator Lindsey “Humpty Dumpty” Gramnesty and Laid back—I mean laid down—as in the last two debates, Mitt “scared of his own shadow” Romney. I don’t even want to mention the Bush attacks.

They’re on Trump like white on rice; sniveling cowards dumping on him and his family from the safety of cover they get for their traitorous behavior from Dems and the MSM.

Even the elder penguins of the Party feel it necessary to disparage the reputation of President Trump.

Former Senator John Danforth formally a staunch Conservative had this brilliant observation. He wrote that Trump was no Republican. REALLY??? Moron alert! THAT’S WHY HE WON!

Danforth further concluded, “In honor of our past and in belief in our future, for the sake of our party and our nation, we Republicans must disassociate ourselves from Trump.”

By the way, I’m sure many Brits felt that way about the leader of our revolution and the First President of the United States, George Washington. I don’t think King George lll would have considered Washington a loyal subject of the British Empire, do you?

Methinks Danforth’s idol growing up must have been Aaron Burr.

Don’t forget to pack your courage for your journey to greatness

I’ve never seen a party so in love with losing. I no longer identify as a Republican. I’m a conservative. I like to win. I will never opt for such a disgraceful bunch of haters that are stuck in the ‘60s— the 1860’s.

I refuse to kiss the Donkey’s arse. They HATE America and what it stands for.

Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘em.

Let’s get this party going!

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