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Bill Gates AGREES WITH TRUMP? Who knew?

Microsoft’s founder and world’s richest man Bill Gates just sided with Donald Trump and revealed that liberals and the Obama policy are putting, even more, people in danger. Bill Gates has been doing charity work in Africa for many years. He believes this new wage of immigrants and refugee is extremely harmful to both the established countries and the new refugees. He is warning that the amount of population in Africa and the Middle East willing to migrate to Europe and America is overwhelming. If countries like Germany attempt to continue with their existing policy will soon find themselves overwhelmed and overburdened. Not only this is harmful for developed countries. The latest trend of immigration means many cities in poor countries are seeing all their workforce disappear. The capable young men who could shape their countries leave towards Europe and leave behind the elderly and the sick.

In an interview with German Welt newspaper, Gates said that the current trend will result in Syria overwhelming Europe in no time. The result of this will be the impoverishment of the western developed nations with no perceivable change or improvement on the refugees quality of life or Syria itself.

According to Gate’s recommendations, the way to move forward is to make it difficult for immigrants to reach Europe and America with border checks and travel bans in order to stop the immigration influx. The current trend is nothing more than blatant invasion masqueraded as humanitarian aid and fed to politics by mindless liberals.

Gates, who has spent most of his life doing charity work believes this is self-destructing behavior and added that if countries really want to help refugees. They should stop band-aid solutions and instead promote investment in these countries so they can become self-sustaining. Welfare as national policy has never worked, welfare as an international policy will not be any different. Thankfully, most of what Bill Gates said is already being applied in America thanks to President Trump. Of course, liberals, will now go on and say that Bill Gates knows nothing regarding business, charity or development.

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