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I’m a proud Jew. Insult me at your own risk. You’ll face a fertile mind.

During a contest on my radio show where callers had to leave their names, a woman who refused to identify herself rang in. She suggested that I crawl into an oven with the rest of the Jews. Then she hung up. My response? “Eva Braun LIVES! If only she had left her name I could have included her in the contest.” Live radio-gotta love it!

Unless you’re threatening my life and/or that of my family or friends, I will not attack you FIRST.

The lead dog faces the cold wind first

My Grandfather, nine-year old Moshe Weinbaum was sent sailing from the Russian/Ukrainian town of Akkerman, a suburb of Odessa, in 1909. He arrived in Chicago where others from my family had reunited. Just a few years later Russians murdered all 800 remaining Jews in Akkerman and threw them in the Leman River.

During WW2 Ukrainians turned on its’ remaining Jews, murdering thousands in cooperation with their Nazi invaders. Whatever Weinbaum relatives remained disappeared without a trace—just like many Jewish families. The Nazis and their Euro sycophants murdered Hebrew men, women and children. Millions of future Jewish kids who would become mothers and fathers, Grandmas and Grandpas, disappeared with the Holocaust.

It was decided by the Nazis that Jews were like rats —DEPLORABLE and IRREDEEMABLE.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward 72 years later.

Those were the words used by Hillary Clinton to isolate and dehumanize approximately 65 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

No one on the left disputed her analysis…until after she lost.

Let history be the time machine that guides our future actions

The fascists of the Democratic Party and the MSM claim to be the saviors of our populace from the Nazis and white supremacists.

Yet they:

  • Stop free speech.

  • Rig elections.

  • Use violent tactics.

  • Openly appease violent groups.

  • Attack our cops.

  • Identify millions of Americans unworthy of living.

Now what group does that resemble most?

Somebody’s projecting!

As I said, I am a proud Jew AND Trump supporter. But now, according to the leaders of the Democratic Party and MSM, I’m a Nazi Jew? I have complete and total hatred of Nazis, and I think Donald Trump does too. He’s a friend to Israel, father and father-in-law to orthodox Jews and proud grandfather to three Hebrew grandchildren.

Polls in Israel have President Trump in the 70% approval rating and above—far higher than his predecessor, Barrack Obama during his regime.

My judgement of what Trump said about Charlottesville was he disparaged all hate groups. I find it disturbing that the Democratic powers that be threw those groups together and stood down the police. As proved by the peaceful police-entrenched march in Boston yesterday, I’m putting the blood of Heather Heyer on the hands of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Mayor Mike Singer.

More irony?

The left is destroying the very monuments Democrats built. My friend and star of The Dave Weinbaum Show, Cheryl Chumley had a great idea. Leave those confederate monuments alone. Build new monuments that show the other side of history that would honor the greats of Civil Rights, Lincoln and other non-slave owners.

She mirrored Trump’s concern about the trajectory of tearing down our history. Cheryl asked, what’s next? Is it the removal of Jefferson and Washington monuments? Will the left burn the documents they wrote—the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND OUR CONSTITUTION?

Welcome to the Republic of Obamaton, formally known as America

My concern takes it further than Chumley’s.

If it’s okay to be violent against white supremacists and the 65 million Trump supporters, now identified as “Nazis” as well as “DEPLORABLE IRREDEEMABLES,” how soon before we’re rounded up, put in camps and disposed of?



But I wish my fellow Jews had thought like this during the 30’s when they were burning books in Germany.

Don’t you?

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