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Ty Cobb newest lawyer for the President. I thought he was a dead ballplayer

Ty Cobb, a lawyer who represented some Qwest employees during the company’s financial scandal, told a legal news site he agreed to join President Donald Trump’s legal team because he couldn’t say no to the president.

Cobb said he took the job because it was “an impossible task with a deadline,” he told, a legal news site.

“My dad was a Navy fighter pilot and I grew up in rural Kansas,” Cobb, 66, said last week. “If the president asks you, you don’t say no. I have rocks in my head and steel balls.”

The White House named Cobb, a former federal prosecutor who was managing partner at Hogan & Hartson’s Denver office in 2004, special counsel. In his new position, he will be in charge of overseeing the White House’s legal and media response to investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, according to Bloomberg News.

Cobb said he will take a pay cut to represent Trump. Partners at Hogan Lovells, the law firm’s current name, earn an average $1.25 million a year, according to Cobb, because he’s a longtime partner and is based in the U.S., may make more. The top salary for a White House lawyer is $179,700. Cobb said he didn’t know exactly what he’ll earn working for the White House.

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