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Trump strikes back against swamp

President Donald Trump embarked on an early-morning Twitter barrage Saturday that blasted “obstructionist” Democrats, complained about “intelligence leaks,” and called for investigations into “the many Hillary Clinton and Comey crimes.”

“ObamaCare is dead and the Democrats are obstructionists, no ideas or votes, only obstruction,” he wrote at 8:23 am.

“It is solely up to the 52 Republican Senators!”

The 10-post tweetstorm, issued over two hours, touched on a half-dozen disparate topics, including the ongoing health care debate in Congress, headlines in the New York Times and Washington Post, and Clinton’s “deleted (& acid washed) … 33,000 e-mails”.

“What about all of the Clinton ties to Russia, including Podesta Company, Uranium deal, Russian Reset, big dollar speeches etc.” Trump asked at 7:47 am.

The lengthy string of messages emerged just a day after a shakeup in the White House communication team that saw the sudden resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer and the addition of Anthony Scaramucci, a hard-charging former Wall Street exec, as Trump’s new communications director.

Scaramucci has called for the White House to leapfrog over the mainstream media with direct messaging efforts to voters – and Saturday’s Twitter tsunami was in keeping with such a strategy.

Trump teased his new hire in one of his morning messages.

“In all fairness to Anthony Scaramucci, he wanted to endorse me 1st, before the Republican Primaries started,” the president posted, “but didn’t think I was running!”

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