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Good things come to patient people with guts and intuition. Trump is one of those--despite his Tweets-even the nastier ones.

He takes Shiite from none and gives it out in Trump-Tower loads. No swamp animal, our President operates with planning and timing. Example: He connived a scheming FBI Director to the truth by implying he was taped while telling The President he was NOT under investigation—THREE TIMES.Yet this snowflake of a bureaucrat, J. Edgar Comey refused to release this stress-relieving info to the public.



Seems Comey’s idol the first Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover was a blackmailer for most his almost 50 year tenure. G-man Hoover was running his own little Gestapo, according to President Truman. He collected information, much of it illegally on all his political enemies—and friends. Immune from firing Hoover became a figure to be feared.

How did that work out for J. Edgar Comey? Trump stood up to the 6’8” snowflake, who admitted to being too scared to stand up to AG Loretta Lynch. Trump did America a favor and fired Comey.

Comey’s leaked memos spurred Assistant AG Rodenstein appoint Special Prosecutor, former FBI head Robert Mueller. He and Comey seem to be having a bromance—even to the point of coaching the needy James during his Congressional testimony.

Imagine that.

Mueller, whose law firm contributed 99.81% to the Clinton Campaign, went out of his way to hire other Clinton-supporting lawyers, including one who worked for the infamous Clinton Foundation.

What miserable cowards. What anti-American criminals these people are. This is Sedition. If Trump isn’t under investigation and there’s not a scintilla of evidence of Trump Administration colluding with Russia, just what the hell is a special prosecutor supposed to investigate?

Even former President Obama in full knowledge of the Russia investigation since its inception in July of 2016, exonerated candidate Trump on October 18th, 2016 a mere 23 days before the election. Barry said that there was no rigging of the elections and that if Trump couldn’t take the heat, maybe he should drop out.

So, what changed?

Despite all the polls, prognosticators, predictors, pundits and pedophiles (Anthony Weiner) claiming Hillary was a shoe-in, TRUMP WON!!

The Russia investigation became the tool by which the Dems, MSM, the FBI, Intel and State Department and all those imbedded leakers and traitors from the Obama Administration decided to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

A window of opportunity won’t open itself

If President Trump wants to save America, It’s time for Trump to end this phishing expedition. The timing is perfect. Dems are running out of steam. The MSM is steeped in fraud. The Congress just passed Kate’s Law; Trump’s terror ban was exonerated by the Supremes. Plus, he’s making progress on repealing Obamacare, adding millions of jobs and reforming taxes.

Trump must order Assistant AG Rodenstein to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller. If he refuses he should force Rodenstein to resign.

Then there’s AG Jeff Sessions.

What a sweetheart of a man. But he brought all this on when one of his first moves was to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. He let the Dems and MSM control the argument in Congress, even with a YUUUGE Republican majority in the House and a smaller one in the senate.

I’ll leave Sessions fate up to Donald.

Then The President can start the real Russian collusion/obstruction investigation along with the murder of Seth Rich.

Step back into the interview box, Hillary Clinton-followed by Donna Brazile, John Pedesta, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Stephanie Powers and Loretta Lynch.

Don’t forget former President Barack Obama!

Clean out the bowels of our institutions from the leaches and leakers.

In the aftermath there would be no stopping Trump from accomplishing his agenda.

America just might get tired of winning.

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