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Debbie Wasserman Shultz bites the hand that fed her--disputes testimony from Obama Administration an

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

How important could the Obama administration have thought this was if they did nothing for a year? It must not have been important at all until after Hillary Clinton lost the election and they needed an excuse to delegitimize Trump.

“Unless She’s Lying, Someone Is Going Down”

According to Debbie Wasserman Schultz put out a statement on Thursday disputing former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s testimony that the DNC refused help to protect its network despite receiving warnings about a hack.

Jeh Johnson and former FBI Director James Comey both testified that the DNC refused to turn over the server so that they could examine it and investigate the hack. But Wassermann Schultz’s statement disputed that, saying that they had never contacted her, seemingly directly contradicting their testimony.

On Thursday afternoon, Wasserman Schultz doubled down and gave an interview where she ripped the FBI and the DHS for doing nothing to help the DNC. The host of the show was just flabbergasted that Wasserman Schultz was ripping Obama administration officials and basically calling them liars.

From Free Beacon:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Thursday that Jeh Johnson’s congressional testimony on the Democratic National Committee’s computer hack is “wrong in every respect” and “utterly misinformed.”

“He’s wrong in every respect,” Schultz told CNN’s Kate Bolduan. “Let me be very clear. At no point during my tenure at the DNC was I contacted by the FBI, DHS, or any government agency, or alerted or made aware that they believed that the Russians, an enemy state, was intruding on our network.”

Her statement came after Johnson, who served as the secretary of homeland security during the Obama administration, testified to lawmakers this week that the DNC rejected his agency’s offer to protect its network despite receiving warnings about a hack. The DNC opted for an outside cyber security firm to help solve the computer hacks that led to WikiLeaks publishing thousands of its emails.

Bolduan asked Schultz, who served as DNC chair at the time, how both accounts could be true.

“Secretary Johnson says DNC rebuffed the help offered. You are saying no one contacted you,” Bolduan said.

“Secretary Johnson is utterly misinformed. That is simply not accurate,” Schultz said.

The former DNC chair then blamed the FBI and other federal agencies for not stepping in.

“They left the Russians on our network for more than—for almost a year before we discovered that they were there,” she said.

Schultz stepped down as DNC chair after the party’s convention last summer when leaked emails revealed that she and other DNC officials were showing favoritism for Hillary Clinton.”

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