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The Dave Weinbaum Show heard in LA causing a HEATWAVE all over the Southwest!

The streets of Las Vegas and Phoenix have been reduced to ghost towns as temperatures hit 118F and climbing during a punishing heat wave that has grounded planes and left door handles so hot they can leave people with burns.

Temperatures are predicted to reach 120F on the first day of summer in Phoenix, and the heat wave is threatening to bring the 'deadly' temperatures to several parts of Arizona, Nevada and California as well.

Las Vegas is likely to hit 117F on Tuesday, as excessive heat warnings cover almost all of California.

The National Weather Service has been forecasting Tuesday highs of 120F or above in Phoenix for the past several days, a number not seen in the desert city for more than 20 years.

'That's deadly heat no matter how you slice it,' weather service meteorologist Chris Breckenridge said.

American Airlines canceled more than 43 flights on Tuesday in Phoenix operated by regional jets because of the heat. Officials say when the temperature soars, it's harder for airplanes to take off.

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