Democrats: Stop the violence induced by your rhetoric. It’s not normal political discourse. It’s calling for annihilation of our President and his party. Republicans: Grow a pair!

Assassin, James T. Hodgkinson said on Twitter that it was “…time to destroy Trump and company.” Only the security provided by Steve Scalise’s detail as demanded by his position as majority whip prevented a mass murder of 24 other Republican Congressmen. This violence has been egged on by the MSM, lying and leaking Obama Intel holdovers, FBI Directors, a comedian holding a bloody Trump head, Madonna calling for the burning of the WH, a Shakespeare in the Park play in Central Park where Trump, Melania and Barron could have viewed his character being assassinated by a hoard of lib-representative actors on a nightly basis from their perch in Trump Tower.

Then there’s Snoop Dog firing a fake gun into the head of a Trump clown. Dems claim Trump and conservatives are “murderers,” their efforts to replace a dead Obamacare will somehow be worse. Tax reform and his ban of immigration from some states in the Mideast are another reason to label those Republicans bloodthirsty along with their lecherous President.

Don’t think Dem leaders are complicit? Obama: “Get in their Face.” Loretta Lynch: “They marched-they bled-some of them have died.” Hillary: “…I’m part of the Resistance.” Tim Kaine: “Democrats have to fight in the streets against Trump.” Joe Biden: I’d like to take him (Trump) out behind the barn.”

You’ll never be number one of you insist on being full of number two

The assassination attempt by an enraged Bernie lover who shot 70 rounds at Republican Congressmen engendered outrage by the man in the batter’s box, Republican Congressman Rodney Davis. His father, Marty has been a friend of mine for 45 years. After I got the senior Davis on the phone we both watched Rodney call out Democrats for their hateful rhetoric.

But then the kumbayas began. Speaker Paul Ryan said an attack on one of us was an attack on all of us. Nancy Pelosi’s Dem response was in total agreement…until the next day when she blamed the attacks on her favorite cable channel, Fox News.

If this was an attack on “all of us” how many Democrats were shot at? How many were hit? How many are on the verge of death?

Never play patty cake with a slasher

Ever ask yourself why when the GOP controls all of government the President is being hounded and obstructed by Dems?

Republican Senator Marco Rubio a former candidate for President against Donald Trump has no love lost from our duly elected leader. But he came up with the question of the year for fired FBI Director J. Edgar Comey for Congressional testimony.

After J. Edgar revealed himself as one of the leakers, a crime, Rubio asked Comey why with all the other leaks from the FBI and Intel wasn’t it leaked that President Trump was NEVER UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI? After all, he had just admitted telling Trump this three separate times and the American public weren’t alerted until he released his statement on June the seventh 2017.

When J. Edgar Comey confessed to leaking to the press about his personal conversations with the President he said he did so for the purpose of securing a special prosecutor. Who knew it would be his mentor and best friend, retired FBI Director and Public Serpent Mueller? Now Mueller has his own leaks. It’s about OBSTRUCTION since the Russian Trump campaign collusion part of the scam is bye-bye.

Excuse my patriotism but this, like Obamacare was set up to fail so a corrupted FBI could bail out his buddy and impeach the President with garbage well after the President fired J. Edgar.

By the way, if we really were concerned about Russian collusion, we’d go back to FDR’s State Department and ensuing administrations.

One thing is sure.

It’s a good thing Trump was back at the WH Tweeting.

If he had shown up to that practice that morning…


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