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Is Fox News imploding?

After a two decade run, is the end of Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program near?

Based on unusually strong hints from the host himself, the answer appears to be yes.

Under internal pressure over his pursuit of the truth behind the Seth Rich story, network suits are apparently closing in on one of the network’s remaining conservative holdouts.

In his opening segment tonight, Hannity told viewers, “I promise that I will continue to tell the truth. As for my future at Fox News, Media Matters is attacking. The Left is organizing an advertising boycott. I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability. I serve at the pleasure of Fox News.”

More ominously, he concluded at 11pm by saying, “hopefully, I will see you again tomorrow night.”

Before the program, he had tweeted a cryptic message regarding his future there:

Earlier, Fox retracted news coverage regarding Rich’s 2016 murder, which has intrigued many political followers since the DNC staffer’s body was found last summer. And there is widespread evidence that Rupert Murdoch’s sons, who now run its day-to-day operation, are fully committed to permanently wiping away its conservative programming.

#StandWithSean, an effort led by StopTheScalpings Co-founder Melanie Morgan, is continuing its efforts to stand by Hannity while he is under fire. This writer is also part of the organization.

On the group’s Facebook page, Morgan told followers, “Hannity is under a REAL threat but he promised to tell the truth, and continue at Fox as long as they let him. Hannity has told me personally that he is making some strategic moves, and this has to do with the Seth Rich murder case.

“Sean Hannity is one smart, wily, fierce fighter. He needs our support even more now. There is turmoil and dissension at Fox News,” she added.

Since radio and television hosts rarely have a chance to say goodbye to their longtime audiences, tonight’s show may have been intended to do just that.

Here is most of yesterday’s program:

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