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Welcome to Drone Fish--maybe they could keep the sharks busy while we swim?

In the ever-competitive Instagram holiday-snap battle, a new weapon has emerged.

Enter the Biki, a new drone in the form of a bionic fish, which allows users to steer it around underwater and take photos and video footage.

The Biki, developed in China and available to pre-order for £420 ($549), can keep its balance in rough water conditions and automatically swerve to avoid obstacles.

Within a day of launching on Kickstarter, it exceeded its £20,000 goal, and the makers are currently offering backers a discounted price for the device.

Once on sale to the wider public in August, it will be priced at an eye-watering £788 ($1,024).

The adorable swimming drone, which flaps its bionic fin as it moves through the water, can transmit footage live onto phones or social media.

If it loses its way due to a dropped connection, a built-in GPS module makes the Biki automatically return to base.

The Biki can swim at 1mph, is equipped with lights to explore dark and hidden areas, and has a 150-degree wide-angle lens.

It can operate for up to two hours before the battery drains, at depths of nearly 200 feet.


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