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One Line Philosopher TOP TEN---Week of 5/15/17

1. While patience isn’t the only way to succeed it is the surest.

2. Acting dumb plants brilliant traps.

3. Look out for turmoil only after you’ve looked within.

4. I used to wear a “KISS ME I’M IRISH” badge to our St. Patrick’s Parade. This year I wore a “KISS ME I’M JEWISH” button. I was kissed twice and beat up thirteen times.

5. Every board has a sliver lining.

6. My daughter asked me how much TVs ran. I told her not very far—most are plugged in.

7. Small victories become the foundation for huge success.

8. Never let your DNA limit your TLC.

9. You can’t smell the roses from six feet under them.

10. Sarcasm must be dripped like cold sap in winter, not a torrid waterfall.

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