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Now it's American Airlines? WTF?!

An American Airlines flight attendant has been removed from duty after a shocking video emerged showing him challenging a passenger to a fight after allegedly hitting a woman in the head with a metal stroller during boarding.

The upsetting footage, filmed before Flight 591 departed from San Francisco on Friday afternoon, shows the airline staff member goading a passenger and saying, 'hit me'.

The clip was uploaded by passenger Surain Adyanthaya, who explained he started filming after the flight attendant 'violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby'.

Adyanthaya went on to explain: 'They just involuntarily escorted the mother and her kids off the flight and let the flight attendant back on, who tried to fight other passengers. The mom asked for an apology and the AA official declined.'

In the video, a distraught woman, who was flying from Argentina according to Q13 Fox, is seen standing at the front of the plane holding a child.

Olivia Morgan, who was standing in the door to the cabin with her eight-year-old daughter when the incident occurred, said the woman had been looking for a space to put the collapsible stroller.

A female flight attendant had given her permission to look for a storage space as it folds up small, but said she would have to check it in if there was no room.

The American Airlines website says small, collapsible strollers can be checked at the gate. There is no specific rule about not putting them in overhead bins.

'She was looking for space when the male attendant tried to take it away from her... and she said she told him the other attendant had told her it was okay to look,' Morgan said.

But that wasn't good enough for the man, she said.

'The flight attendant wrestled the stroller away from the woman, who was sobbing, holding one baby with the second baby in a car seat on the ground next to her,' Morgan said.

The woman can be seen sobbing and asks staff members to get her stroller back. Witnesses said the attendant struck her with the metal stroller as he was dragging it out of her hands.

At this point, other passengers are heard expressing their disgust at the situation.

One says he's 'not going to sit here and watch this...' and then gets up and walks to the front of the plane to confront flight attendants.

The man asks for the name of the employee who is alleged to have hit the crying woman.


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