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Eat fat for breakfast?

THE saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but apparently only if you eat the right thing.

Those hoping to hear the full English is the way forward will be sorely disappointed too.

According to William Cole, who specialises in nutrition, what we should be eating first thing is a little more unusual.

He told Mind, Body, Green that a breakfast crammed with fat is the key to maintaining energy levels throughout the day, and eating this way will make you more productive.

So what does that mean food wise? William’s best breakfast is an avocado, salmon and two poached eggs served on a sweet potato.

Yep, sorry to report there is no bread, beans or sausage involved. He does advise toasting the potato though.

The science behind this choice is all to do with stopping your body having sugar highs and lows.

On top of that, the brain is actually made up for 60 per cent fat.

When we don’t have enough good fat (this is not an excuse to munch chocolate) in our diet, the brain can’t function optimally.

It also releases energy slowly and over a long period of time, so you’ll find it easier to concentrate and you will be more productive.

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