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This is how humans will become extinct

It is the year 2050, sex bots have ruined human relationships, clothes are sprayed on your body and you spend your weekends at a lawless adult amusement park.

Although the scenarios sound like the plot of a science fiction film, they are among many predictions futurologists have made about life just 33 years from now.

The project, called Earth 2050, highlights predictions for cities around the globe and different artefacts people could encounter in the not-so-distant future.

The interactive multimedia project was created by Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity firm, in honor of its 20 years in the market.

To create Earth 2050, the team collaborated with futurologists such as Ian Pearson, other researchers and spoke with artists and scientists in order to capture a realistic view of what is yet to come.

'All of the forecasts you can find about Earth 2050 could become a reality in just a couple of decades. Earth 2050 is not only a creative exercise for us,' said Andrey Lavrentyev, head of the technology research department at Kaspersky Lab.

'For the last 20 years, Kaspersky Lab experts have been fighting cybercrime, and they have seen threats evolving over this time.'

'They are therefore able to share their knowledge, expertise and, in many cases, encourage users to take a more thorough look at the security of future technologies.

'Although inventions might be amazing – like driverless cars, intelligent infrastructure and the ability to instantly share medical data between doctors across the world – they can still trip us up.'

'Each of them brings new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit.'

Many will agree that there is an abundance of cameras and authorities lurking around every corner.

However, by 2050 the excessive watching will spark the need for a special closed recreational area that lets people run wild.

It is predicted that antipublic places or amusement parks for adults will be a safe haven for people to get drunk in public, throw trash on the ground and shoot robots as a way to release stress – similar to theme park in the television series Westworld.

Robots will not only be used in amusement parks for people's enjoyment, but they are also expected to form intimate relationships with the human race.


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