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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson threw a change up at North Korean’s dictator, Kim Jung Un.

Accustomed to the softballs lobbed to this baby-faced killer, his father and grandfather by the last three Presidents, Trump just threw a 100 MPH hardball at the fat boy’s (according to John McCain) head. Un and the man he followed, his father, Kim Jung Il has long played Korean Roulette.

Over the years they’ve been spoiled. It seems developing nukes and testing the missiles to petrify US-supported countries like Japan and Taiwan is the family business.

Now Kim Jung UN II feels confident enough to dare the USA! The price of Un’s Nuke threats just went up—exponentially.

Yesterday, the Un Regime threw a screwball back at Trump and Tillerson--testing yet another ballistic missile in international waters. Trump’s best chance to get N. Korea in line is to coddle up at Mar-A-Lago to the China’s President, Xi Jinping. I assume they’ll be playing golf.

“Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!” Ronald Reagan

North Korea began thinking about atom bombs in the early 50’s during the Korean War. They were close by when the USA opened the atomic age by dropping nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The active search to become a nuclear power started in ’62. At the time Russia was their ally.

In the late 80’s Reagan “convinced” Gorbachev to “…TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!” Neither Soviets nor China approved of N. Korea becoming a nuclear power. But after the vacuum resulting from the deflated football of the USSR, the remaining Communist power took over the abandoned babysitting job.

The Jong dynasty kept plugging along—mostly in stealth. They starve and terrorize their people but keep them in line with this bizarre us against them mentality.

From the 90’s Bill Clinton, Dubya and Obama coddled the sneaking bullies in N. Korea as if they were a noisy self-righteous snowflake. As Baltimore ex-mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said during the recent riots, “We have to give them the space to destroy.” We’ve avoided dealing with this problem until now.

Yep, N. Korea had its safe space until the new sheriff came to town.

The only way to beat a bully is to turn around and face him

Whether by circumstance, timing or Divine Intervention, Donald Trump’s election as President has interceded with several appalling developments around an agitated world.

N. Korea is not just threatening our allies in their neighborhood. They have threatened to hit US bases in the vicinity and US soil with nuclear weapons. Ironically, Obama’s birthplace of Hawaii will soon be in range—if it isn’t already

They are emboldened by the weak responses of previous administrations, especially the fetid response of the last one. The harm of the vacuum of frightful neglect from past administrations, has led others to threaten nuclear war against America. This cowardly behavior incentivized al-Qaeda’ leader, Osama bin Laden to attack the USA on 9/11/2001. After he engineered the most dramatic and devastating attack on US soil, the long-limbed Jihadi chief cited the USA’s abandonment of the South Vietnamese as only a “paper tiger” would.

“Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit” Mike Tyson

Welcome to the world of Arab allies and our best friend in the Mideast, Israel. I guarantee that some if not all of the leading tyrants in Iran took notice. The Dem-Obama-Hillary Iran Deal made the mullahs feel like they’d gone to Paradise and back whilst still being awarded 72 beautiful virgins, who they could dominate, impregnate and castigate.

Iran also pulled in about $150 Billion in cash, including ransom of about $100 million for each of four American hostages they held. Needless to say, the American kidnapping business has had its’ biggest break since burger entrepreneur, Ray Kroc met the McDonald brothers.

Like N.Korea Iran kept on supporting terror against fellow Muslims, Christians and the only Jewish State in the world, Israel.

As my good friend, Israeli Rabbi Moshe Rothchild can attest, Jews take threats of annihilation seriously. From the Greeks to the Philistines, to the Muslims, to the Christians, to the Romans, to the Egyptians, to the ancient Persians and to the Nazis, every single one backed their threats of attempted annihilation. .

Nothing’s changed.

As Trump and Netanyahu shared, Obama’s Persian obsession turned into a “VERY BAD DEAL.”

Now those are Trump agenda tighteners.

Don’t you think?

The best chance for getting Un to undo his attitude is to convince his caretaker, China’s president.

Remember, Donald, anytime Jinping wants, give him a mulligan. Also, every putt he has from five foot in learn this phrase in Chinese: 那很好!捡起来! “It’s GOOD! PICK IT UP!”

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