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Python neck massages--just like my exes!

Tired people are always looking for a good massage and the trick is a masseuse with good skills that makes relaxation easier. A massage parlour in Germany gives really good massages however it isn’t by a human masseuse; it is instead by a python. The python is known to give the best neck massages that most people have got in their lives.

The Facebook video is from the Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden where a lot of people have been recently visiting, for its unique massages. The massage salon has Monty the python that gives people the most apt massage to ease off a stiff neck.

The parlour has been using the snake for the last 13 years and it gets popular by the day. While the massage is free, people donate money for the python’s food regularly. We wouldn’t be so sure to try out the massage, especially when the snake squeezes your neck.

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