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Racist elected to DNC head--of course the final 2 were racists.

The Chairman’s Race

They say that the DNC still follows to the beat of Obama’s drum. Thus, Perez has become the preemptive favorite to become Chairman of the DNC. Apparently the Democrat Party still hasn’t come to grips with what happened on November 8, 2016.

The loss of over 1000 offices seats since 2010 seems to have gone unnoticed on them.

As Conservative Intel reports, Tom Perez claims he’s locked down 224 of 447 votes in the DNC chair race. Moreover, Obama seems ready to back his former labor secretary.

The choice of Perez versus the other candidates was daunting for the Left. It was likely a choice between naming one’s son Lucifer or Satan. Consider Perez’s record, and you will understand why I write that.

As the Free Beacon noted, several scandals prove Perez is part of the corrupt liberal establishment that voters rejected last November:

  • Perez dropped voter intimidation charges against Black Panthers who brought weapons to a polling place.

  • He doesn’t think white people are entitled to equal protection under the Voting Rights Act.

  • Also, Perez spent $200 million of taxpayer money to “ensure an ideological pet policy of the Obama Administration would avoid Supreme Court scrutiny,” the House Oversight Committee reported.

  • Finally, Perez, like Hillary, used a private email account to dodge accountability laws, conducting official department business with Planned Parenthood, the New York Times, and others.

Talk about Leftist of the Year!

And who else is in the race?

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) a bigoted, Jew-hater with ties to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, is another frontrunner for DNC chair. Ellison’s establishment backers include Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY). How did this progressive distinguished himself?

  • Ellison promoted the false claim that Israel practices Apartheid;

  • supported impeaching then-Vice President Dick Cheney; and

  • Ellison compared President George W. Bush to Hitler.

  • This liberal loon even blamed Bush for the September 11 attacks.

Democrat Insanity: Repeating the Same Mistakes but Expecting Different Results

In January, Nancy Pelosi was re-inserted as Senate Minority Leader, despite an upset attempt by Tim Ryan (D-OH).

While stumping for the position, Ryan acknowledged what most Dems ignore: “What we’re doing right now isn’t working.”

Ryan was right. But Democrats are rarely ones to let logic and sound reasoning get in the way of their lunacy.

If they’d listen to voters (including those in middle America) and course correct, Republicans might have something to worry about in 2018. Right now, however, that doesn’t seem likely.

Who’s to blame?

Many Democrats blame Hillary’s wing of the party for their electoral demise. Truth be told, most Democrats refuse to blame Obama for the direction in which he took Democrats. To blame Obama is to question his legacy; their legacy.

Leftists refuse to do this to somebody in whom they have so much invested.

They must celebrate his accomplishment, so that history will celebrate his accomplishments.

The Democrats are running with scissors. Let’s just let them continue running.

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