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Considering the asinine behavior of the Dems in Congress during Donald Trump’s first month in office, they can NEVER be trusted with the majority again. It seems they are taking their behavior from the movie classic ANIMAL HOUSE. At least some of those bad boys had earned a latent admiration from their efforts.

From the moment Donald J. Trump was elected and yes, I do mean OFFICIALLY ELECTED, the crying, pissing and moaning began. Liberal hypocrisy is so widespread it becomes redundant to talk about it. Other than what led to the civil war in the 1860’s America has never seen this.

Kissing up to the press and loutish-haranguing Dems doesn’t work. You won’t get anything done. In the end you’ll still be vilified by everyone, especially the people who put you there because they were counting on you to get done what you promised them in the campaign.

Imagine if Trump had won the presidency and Dems had a four or more seat edge in the senate. Those leftists could realistically stop President Trump from forming a cabinet by voting each and every appointee down.

Based on their recent behavior does anyone disagree that the Schumer-led senate wouldn’t have shut down or crippled President Trump?

I just Googled, “Can a Congress prevent a president from forming a cabinet?” I found nothing on that subject. Instead I discovered all sorts of categories of how leftists planned and still plot to get rid of President Trump.

Want more evidence?

It was bad enough to have 70 Dem representatives boycott the duly elected President.

It was bad enough to have phony recounts in three states—something that Obama and Hillary supported.

It was bad enough to have a liberal appellate court unlawfully take the foreign policy away from the President.

It was bad enough that the MSM has become the propaganda wing of the Dem Party.

It was bad enough that Obama is running a shadow government that trains and pays rioters to disrupt and destroy property and assault Trump supporters.

It was bad enough that Dem donors like Soros pay people to commit property damage and human injury.

It was bad enough to have classified Intel leaked from Obama appointed agents and/or directors.

Never give up-never let up-and you’ll never let your country down.

Let’s keep it real. The left, Communists, Socialists, Progressives Illegal criminal immigrants, Jihadists want nothing better to rid themselves of a President Trump even though they ALL know he was legally elected

If Trump is to survive he has to continue to do what got him to the White House:

· Getting as much done that he promised before the political winds change.

· Stay laser-focused on his agenda.

· Fight back—something that he has mastered in a lifetime of disputes, arguments, suits and media scuffles.

· Deal with the press as the enemy of the truth.

· Keep the RINOS in line.

· Show election-vulnerable-Dem senators that the only way to avoid their forced early retirement is to go along with him, especially in states he won.

· Never take his supporters for granted. He can’t afford to lose them.

· If challenged by Congress or the MSM from the left or right, Trump should take his case directly to the American people.

· Continue to use Twitter to communicate with the America. The MSM hates it but your supporters love it!

I write this for the benefit of some of the late backers of Trump, the Never-Trumpers and vicious RINOS.

The MSM is wearing them down.

As an example, John McCain stated in Munich that President Trump was on the verge of becoming a dictator because he criticized the MSM.

LOSER ALERT! This is exactly why he and Romney lost. They were too chicken to call the media out.

Keep moving forward President Trump and remember: Only mad dogs bark at moving vehicles.

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