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James Rosen, Fox News Reporter reflects on treatment of press by Trump contrasted by Obama.

Nothing President Trump has done to the press "approaches in seriousness and nature" President Obama's media attacks, Fox News's James Rosen said.

Rosen, a reporter at the State Department who was unknowingly subject to surveillance during the Obama Administration, is taking umbrage at the way reporters are treating Trump's comments on the media as unprecedented.

"Certainly nothing that the Trump administration has done with or to the news media approaches in seriousness and nature the conduct of the Obama Administration towards the press," Rosen said Saturday during an interview on Fox News.

Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, ordered Rosen's movements tracked, his phone records seized, and went "judge shopping" until he found one willing to grant such a warrant without telling Rosen himself. Holder even told Google to not notify Rosen that the government was monitoring his email.

Rosen points out it wasn't just Fox News being targeted under Obama, but also the Associated Press and others.

Rosen attributed the major media's aggressive treatment of the Trump Administration to the "shock to the system" they're experiencing.

"I think that what we are seeing here in all these clashes with President Trump and the news media that you were playing those clips of is a mix of things; on the one hand you have a simple institutional biological reflective response on the part of an organism, the news media beltway journalism crowd against someone who made it a chief campaign platform to call them out for their dishonesty, so they are pushing back," Rosen said. "Part of it is kinds of a shock to the system for the news media that things are being done differently at all than the way they have always been done here in the news media. What, you are giving questions to a town hall at a press conference? It’s never been done.”

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