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CNN panelist gets shut down by Don Lemon for calling out the Trump family for SS protection fake new

Before that, CNN anchor Jake Tapper threw a public hissy fit on being called fake news by President Trump.

CNN may indeed be an enemy of the American people as President Trump declared, because they refuse to report the news. CNN chooses instead to make the news up. It is for this reason they have become the “least least-trusted name in cable network news.”

This latest CNN episode won’t help things. As CNN nighttime anchor Don Lemon added himself to the list of CNN public embarrassments. The discussion centered around the protection of President Trump and his family.

Below is an excerpt from the transcript:

Don Lemon: “Paris, what do you think?”

Paris Dennard: “I think this is fake news. This is not…this is not a news story.”

Don Lemon: “What about it is fake, Paris? Are we going down this road again?”

(Note: At this point, Lemon proceeded to lecture the panel and his audience what constitutes fake news.)

Paris Dennard: “Yeah we are! The President is not breaking any laws.”

Don Lemon: “…Please stop with that stupid talking point that this is a fake news story!…”

Paris Dennard: ”Don this is a fake news story in my opinion….”

This is where Lemon refused to let Dennard make his point, and walked off the set.

“Ok, thank you very much everyone. Thanks for watching. Have a great weekend. Good night all,” he said as he left.

Now Lemon knows there is no “news” in the amount of money to protect the First Family. Obama had two daughters in two different places, as well as Michelle Obama gallivanting all over the world with Secret Service protection.

For CNN to create a fake narrative that Trump spends more than Obama on protection is ridiculous.

Lemon knows this, and likely is just looking for ratings.

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