Why there is NO comparison between Islamic refugees and Jewish

from Rabbi Moshe Rothchild

I am literally SICK of the comparison of today’s “refugee” issue with the plight of the Jews in the early 1900’s. And any Jew who uses this comparison does a serious injustice to your heritage and history.

- Jews were NOT fleeing turmoil caused by the Jewish religion;

- Muslim’s are NOT facing certain extermination if they do not leave their country;

-In the first half of the 20th century, Jews were NOT responsible for nearly ALL of the acts of terrorism committed worldwide;

- And finally, when the Jews did come to the shores of America - the door was NOT wide open. In addition to the thousands that were sent back (accused of being spies) the standard practice was that the immigrant did a stint at Ellis Island (from days to weeks). Even a 100 years ago, the United States had a vetting process in place to determine who should be let in.

Donald Trump campaigned on stricter boarder control and is now following through with his campaign promise. I might not agree with everything he says and does, but I feel that he is spot on with his handling of the dangerously porous US border issue.

“The time I spent on Ellis Island seemed like the longest waiting period for me because of the regimen. Naturally there had to be a regimen. it was the only way that they could handle that many people. I realize that now in retrospect. But at the time it was a nightmare...They weren't unkind, but you had no communication with the people who took care of you...And you had no communication with the other people that were there because everybody was so full of fright.” --Barbara Barondess, a Russian Jewish immigrant in 1921.

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