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Nobody questions the history. Everyone should question the future.

Blacks suffered greatly during the 400 years of slavery. Almost 160 years after the Republican Party led by Abraham Lincoln, freed them during the bloodiest war in US history, many blacks still have miserable lives.

Maybe this is the result of a deeply embedded slave mentality —not unlike what G0d bred out of the Jews during their 40 years of forced wandering in the Sinai. Then and only then did G0d guide the Jews to the Holy Land.

Because blacks have been kept to a good degree as second class citizens up until the 1960s, they didn’t get rid of the mental affliction caused by slavery as fast as the Jews.

Real progress was made after President Eisenhower’s fought the Klan-infested Southern Dems to integrate their schools and universities. President Johnson dragged himself and fellow Dems to adopt Civil Rights Laws in the 60’s that would improve the lives of minorities so they could enjoy the “pursuit of happiness” promised all Americans.

If it weren’t for the Republicans this never would have passed.

Did discrimination die? No—but it faded a lot—especially in our society.

Ironically, after 8 years of our first black president, we’ve gone backwards. Moreover, there’s been a reverse discrimination that backs the notion that blacks can commit any crime on whites, black or white cops—or themselves, for that matter with immunity from blame. Worse, the MSM cowards willingly go along for this ride to hell.

Cases in Point:

1.Tucker Carlson interviewed Jemuh Greene, a black woman running for the chair of the DNC. He asked her if she agreed with Symone Sanders, spokesperson for Bernie Sanders, when she said, “We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.” Carlson wanted to know if she would denounce these obviously racist comments. The best Tucker could get out of Greene was, “It’s not the right message at this time.” Then she segued into old reliable; race-baiting. She said just because another black woman said that doesn’t mean we all think alike. To top it off she said and we all don’t look alike either. My judgment was that she wasn’t kidding. Then Carlson fed Jemuh a Hillary quote—pointing out that she was not a black: “We need to recognize white people our own privilege and show a little humility,” Hillary said. Tucker asked Greene if she deemed poor, sick, unemployed whites as privileged. Jemuh insisted that whites were “privileged.”

2.Black Professor Marc Lamont Hill appeared recently on a CNN panel—subject? What’s your reaction to blacks who go to Trump Tower to meet with the President-Elect Trump? While eviscerating Jim Brown, movie star and maybe the best NFL player in history, Steve Harvey and MLK Junior because they weren’t educated enough to challenge the evil new President, Hill made matters worse. These Uncle Tom Candidates further debased themselves by allowing themselves to be photographed with Donald. Marc graded them as “Mediocre Negroes,” as if he gave these accomplished people the back of his hand.

Dems are at a crossroad. Either the race-baiters will ruin them or the grotesque black-on-black crime will kill their chances. They don’t have a clue as to why they lost the white vote and, worse yet, why Trump almost doubled Romney’s black vote and did much better with Latinos than Mitt.

The second interview indicates that fellow blacks aren’t immune to criticism—as long as it’s from another black. Socialist professor Hill labelled these accomplished Americans as “Mediocre Negroes,” much to the disdain of a fellow black on the panel.

At no point did CNN have the guts to challenge Symone or Marc. In fact, the white moderator chuckled in apparent agreement with Sanders in her condemnation of whites.

My message to Dems is a simple one: You’ll never be number one if you insist on being full of number two.

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