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Over 3,800 years ago, a son of an idol maker in Ur had figured out that the sun rising in the morn and the moon at night indicated a Being more powerful than his father’s idols. G0d appeared to Abram (Abraham). Abram, while working in his fathers’ statue shop, destroyed the gods one day and was sentenced to be burned alive by the King.

Quit squabbling over the barn when G0d has deeded you the farm

G0d saved Abram by not letting the flames hurt him. He escaped and wandered into Canaan with his followers. There G0d granted Abram and all future Jews the ground he was standing on plus boundaries that would make the land of Israel 20 times larger than what the current leaders of Israel claim is theirs’ today.

This was repeated to about three million Jews at Mount Sinai after G0d, through Moses, led them out of Egypt by splitting the Red Sea.

Punished by G0d for building a golden calf while Moses was in consultation with G0d, the Jews were set to wander in desert for 40 years.

Also, G0d wanted the Jews in the desert to breed out the slave mentality they acquired over 400 years in Egypt.

I think this is instructive in Jewish mentality over its 1900 years of diaspora and the shock of the Holocaust.

During the reign of King David and his son Solomon Israelis conquered much of the land G0d had bestowed them. In future generations when Israelis went astray, G0d strengthened Israel’s enemies and land was taken away.

In 70 AD The Romans quelled a Jewish revolt by murdering about 600,000 Jews, sending most into exile.

But from Abram’s time on there has always been a substantial presence of Jews in the Holy Land.

Through that 2,000-year Diaspora most Jews wandered the earth looking for a place to survive and fit in—as Jews. My family is one of those who roamed Northern Africa and Europe in the hopes of finding a good life.

As one of the lucky clans, my family still lives today because my grandfather, Michael Weinbaum was put on a ship at age 9 near Odessa in the Ukraine. He was and sent to America. A few years later the Russians killed every Jew in his town—all 800—shot and dumped in a river.

In the late 1800’s under the leadership of Theodor Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization the movement back from the Jewish disbursement to the Holy Land gained momentum.

Unfortunately, the Nazi Holocaust where 6 million Jewish men women and children were tortured and murdered became the background for the UN’s historic vote to approve the Jewish State. Shortly after, Israel was attacked by five Arab countries. The Arabs a two state solution. They wanted it all and they wanted it Jew-free.

That is still true today—after war, after terror, after a unilateral retreat by Israel from Gaza. This has gotten Israel attacked from a closer border by an emboldened bully.

If you spend all your time looking for mice the elephants will trample you

But we do have an Ally in these dark times, no thanks to the Democrats and the Obama Administration and the anti-Semites in the UN.

It’s our Great Father. He has left us a legacy only we can fulfill—with His Blessing.

Therefore, in my opinion, the current Israeli Government must demand amongst other things:

1.That Israel be made whole to the Jews in its rightful, G0d-Given Boundaries.

2.That this land shall be recognized as the Jewish State as G0d has Ordained both in the Old Testament and the Quran, as acknowledged by Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

3.Until this is agreed upon, every physical attack on any Jew or his or her property anywhere in the world shall be punishable by current Israeli laws AND the redemption of five square miles of G0d’s map for Israel. That land shall be annexed by Israel starting with Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.

4.This will take place until all the land is taken back.

The time for Israel to turn to G0d’s Peace Treaty is NOW. He has equipped the Jews with the mental acuity and physical prowess to make Israel over in The L0rd’s Concept.

“So David triumphed over the Philistine (Goliath) with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.”

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