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For Immediate Release

“Obama in six words: Praise Muslims-ignore Christians-blame Jews.” Colonel Ralph Peters

Fool them once shame on Obama—fool them twice shame on Obama-voting US Jews.

If the peril to survival of Israel isn’t apparent to those Hebrew Obama-supporters I respectfully suggest they convert to Islam. Maybe they can do to the Muslim terrorists what they’ve done to the Jews in Israel and the rest of us who may want somewhere to live when the world inevitably turns on us.

Also, because of Obama, Christians are suffering genocide in the Mideast. My interview with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer was instructive. According to Dermer, Christians comprised 20% of the Mideast population. Now Christ followers are barely hanging in there at 4%. They are terrified and trying to escape.

Their ISIS torturer/murderers were catalyzed by Obama’s/Hillary’s incompetence when they pulled all US troops out of Iraq, enabling ISIS to metastasize fetid cancer on civilization. The assortment of horrors include beheadings, live-burning, group shootings and sex slaves—both children and women. Oh, and don’t forget the crucifixions. I call this “incompetence” because as stated policy, Obama/Hillary would be up for war crimes.

And then there’s the leader of the Catholic/Christian world, Pope Francis.

It seems he cares more for the Muslim Jihadis than the thousands of his flock being decimated just hundreds of miles from his Italian home. As he pontificates, protected in his Vatican-walled-fortress, the holy one calls out President-Elect Trump’s border barrier as evil.

Then the Holy One has the audacity to backstab the Jewish ancestors of Jesus in the very town and country where his savior was born.

Christians have suffered enough.

In fact, their decimation has been ignored by the Obama Administration. It was the Democratic Party who voted GOD out of their 2012 platform, booing Him as they did. This threw Evangelicals to support Trump and his Israel-saving policies in droves against the anti-Semitic/Christian Obama/Clinton Regime.

If only the Obama/Hillary braying Israel-ignorant American Jews could do for Islam what they’ve done to Israel, there may be hope for a rejuvenation of Israel-loving Jews and Christians throughout the world.

Let these Hebrew traitors entwine themselves in Sharia law. They can experience the justice of throwing gays off tall buildings—the genital mutilations of little girls—the honor killings of females who don’t dress right or are suspected of almost any evil a male can think up for them. Let these new Muslims augment their attire with suicide bombs and scream Allah Akbar as they blow up busses and dance clubs.

Some may think I’m over stating my thesis.

Both the Torah written in Moses’ time and the Quran written 1,900 years later proclaim that God and Allah, who many believe to be one in the same, agree that the land of Israel is exclusive to the Jews. Some maps interpreting God’s Command show Israel ten times larger than its current boundaries.

There can be no two-state solution if only one party agrees that Jews have a legitimate right to live there—or live at all.

But it’s one thing to disagree with settlements and another to ignore 100 years of terror against Jews by Arabs—even the Muslim Brotherhood’s allying with Hitler to kill all Jews, men women and children.

Let me also remind my Jewish brethren that when Israel unilaterally dismantled the Gaza settlements, dragging Jews kicking and screaming from their homes, the response from those grateful Arabs was a series of wars perpetrated on Israelis, including the bombings of schools and the tunneling from Gaza under Israeli day care centers.

Arabs had at least nine great offers for a two state solution and not only refused them all. Then they attacked Israel in a series of wars and intifadas.

As far as I’m concerned the Arabs as a society and culture are only interested in killing every single Jew they can to take over Israel.

Want insurance? If you as a converted Muslim need asylum, you’ll be welcomed in 57 Islamic States—58 if the progressives and fellow Muslims kill off Israel.

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