One Line Philosopher TOP TEN week of 11/28/2016

The One Line Philosopher…

Top Ten of The Week

By Dave Weinbaum


1. Golf: It’s the hole thing.

2. If steak isn’t on the menu you have a legitimate beef.

3. How do you filet a frog? Ribbet…ribbet…ribbet.

4. A father supplies the paint while the mother creates the masterpiece.

5. My girlfriend asked me how long it takes to smoke a turkey. I said it depends on how many wrapping papers we had.

6. Let history be the time machine that guides your future actions.

7. How do you change gears in neutral countries?

8. Don’t take your sails down with a big wind at your back.

9. You’re like a talented drunk—your potential is staggering.

10. Be a grinder not a binder.

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