Trump's pick for Sec of Education is an anti-Semitic affirmative action pimp.

A lot of conservatives are gushing over Betsy DeVos, the rich chick whom Donald Trump chose today as his Education Secretary. They claim she’s a good choice because she supports charter schools and school choice. Don’t believe the hype. I have personal experience with this woman, and she’s an alarming choice–especially if you are concerned about America’s kids being indoctrinated with Islam at school. Here’s why . . .

As many readers know, I’m a lifelong Michiganian (I HATE the term “Michigander”–I ain’t a male goose). So I know a lot about Betsy DeVos, most of it not very good.

* She funded ANTI-ISRAEL, Pro-Muslim curriculum in America’s Public Schools.

Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, financed anti-Israel, pro-Muslim propaganda posing as “curriculum” in America’s public schools. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation financed the anti-Israel, pro-Muslim MidEast Policy Council’s “Teach MidEast” and its “Bridges at School” curriculum. (She’s also a Common Core supporter and fought to make this anti-Israel crap part of the Common Core agenda taught at America’s public schools.)

Bridges at School is a topical curriculum developed for American middle school classrooms. Contextualizing the Arab World and providing a unique series of both critical thinking and creative exercises that shed light on the rich historical, scientific, mathematical, religious, and cultural legacy of the region, this program focuses on the themes of global citizenship and identity through a series of analysis-based activities. Bridges at School highlights poetry and values-based paired texts; fashion and style; visual art; food and spice; drama; music; language; medicine and science; and media. Activities are available free of charge via the online platform NextLesson. Development funding for Bridges at School is courtesy of Donna Pearson Chapman and The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

* She supports extremist Muslims who aid and abet Islamic terrorist groups, bring terrorism-supporting Muslim illegal aliens into the United States, and boycott Israel.

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos (also born into money) are donors and contributors to ACCESS–the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. And they also attend ACCESS annual fundraising dinners.

As I’ve reported on this site previously, ACCESS–which receives millions of dollars in government grants and aid–actively brings Muslim illegal aliens into the United States and helps them stay here. ACCESS continues to date to bring thousands of pregnant Muslim women from around the world into the United States to defraud Medicaid and give birth to their children here–making them U.S. citizens and eligible for entitlements and voting privileges.

ACCESS was founded by Ismael Ahmed as a campaign to get the Big Three automakers to divest from Israel and companies that do business with it. ACCESS sponsored the Divestment (from Israel) Conference at the University of Michigan. ACCESS opposed and lobbied Congress against making it illegal to donate to Islamic terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Islamic Jihad. Fortunately, the efforts failed and Bill Clinton signed a package into law.

As I’ve also noted, ACCESS also spent thousands of dollars in government money to provide job training and training for commercial drivers licenses and HazMat haulding certificates to members of the Detroit Al-Qaeda terror cell. And its tax-funded Arab American National Museum features several anti-Israel, anti-Semitic “exhibits” and “art.”

When Betsy DeVos’ husband, Dick, was running for Governor of Michigan (he was trounced), I asked him why he and his wife supported ACCESS and why they opposed our efforts to end government-sponsored discrimination in the form of affirmative action.

He was flustered, didn’t have an answer, and had his handlers escort me out of the event.

* She’s An Affirmative Action Pimp and Plays the Race Card.

I was general counsel for the courageous Ward Connerly’s Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), for which Michigan voters voted in overwhelming numbers in 2006. MCRI’s purpose was to eliminate race-and-gender-based preferences in admissions, hiring, and promotions in public institutions and government in Michigan. In other words, get rid of institutional racism against White males and in favor of Blacks, Hispanics, women, etc.

Betsy DeVos, as then-Chair (yup, a piece of furniture–‘cuz, G-d-forbid, you use the term “chairwoman”) of the Michigan Republican Party, came out repeatedly and very publicly against us. She called us “RAAAAAAYCIST!” Yup, lily-White, privileged Betsy DeVos–who was born into and then also married great wealth and never had to work a day in her charmed life–called Ward Connerly, a self-made Black man, a “racist.” She worked against MCRI and brought the full power of the Michigan Republican Party to bear against us. She also put her daddy’s and hubby’s daddy’s money to work against us. And she tried to pressure Republicans who sat on the committee that certified what qualified for the ballot, to vote against us.

Despite DeVos’ siding with the likes of Jesse Jackson and Weird Al Sharpton and their acolytes in Michigan (and she was our loudest critic–louder than anyone on the left), we won overwhelmingly by a margin of 3-2 in a virtual election landslide unheard of for a ballot initiative in Michigan.

As a lifelong Michiganian, I can tell you that Betsy DeVos is and always has been part of the GOP establishment here in Michigan. She’s never been seen as a conservative.

And, now, Betsy DeVos is Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education. Look for her to pimp her anti-Israel propaganda further into America’s education system. Don’t look for her to end the wasteful, highly-discriminatory, Department of Education efforts at “diversity” and affirmative action at schools and universities. And look for her to keep up her usual efforts at being a dhimmi Islamo-panderer. In other words, look for those anti-Israel, anti-American, pro-Muslim textbooks to continue to be in the curricula throughout America’s public schools. Betsy won’t lift a finger to change the crap that America is teaching our kids.

In other words, it’ll be biz as usual at the Trump Department of Education. Same as it ever was.


One other thing: Betsy DeVos’ brother is Erik Prince, the founder and chief of Blackwater for many years. I’d much prefer him running anything in government to her. He knows what Muslims are like. He had to deal with them in their natural habitat and managed to keep the American dignitaries his company was hired to protect, safe.

Sadly, his sis just doesn’t get it. And she never will.

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