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Blacks not showing at the polls as Hillary panics

A bottle of hot sauce in every purse.

Via The Daily Caller:

Clinton surrogates came out in force to beg black people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, amid fears of low voter turnout.

Donna Brazile, the Democratic National Committee’s chairwoman, and Jonathan Capehart, a member of the Washington Post editorial board, urged blacks to vote for Clinton even though she is not as popular as President Barack Obama.

Black enthusiasm for Clinton is at a low when compared to their zeal for Obama. A report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies revealed that 67% of blacks said they liked Obama, compared to the 29% of black voters who said they liked Clinton.

Early voting turnout among black voters is also down compared to the 2012 election. Florida, a key state for the election, only saw 15 percent of blacks going to the polls as of 8 days before the election for early voting, compared to the 25 percent in the 2012 election.

Capehart urged blacks to ignore this and vote for Clinton anyway, because the best way to prove their love for the Obamas would be to vote for Clinton.

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