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Hillary draws 1,000 and Kaine 30 IN FLORIDA? The polls they are a changing!

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida Monday. The turnout was…embarrassing.

What is that? Like, 30 people including the media?

OK. Let’s give him some slack. He’s just the potential Vice President of the United States. It’s not like he’s the guy who’d take over if something terrible happened to unhealthy, knee-buckle-y Hillary or anything. Oh wait…

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that Hillary Clinton held a rally in West Palm Beach too! She TOTALLY redeemed herself. More than 30 people showed up!

According to the reporter, around 1,000 people were there. Well, maybe.

“Here it is nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in Sanford, Florida yesterday for Mr. Trump, 15,000,” he said. “There’s maybe a thousand to two thousand people here today. The Clinton rallies tend to be much smaller and you can see there’s empty space here and she’s supposed to speak in 15 minutes. And I can tell you that as the camera pans across that if we were at a Trump rally this would absolutely be packed.”

Look at all of that empty space. Hillary can fit her crowds in school gymnasiums, easily. How sad is that?

The Trump rally I attended was actually considered smaller. The amphitheater holds around 4,000 people, and officials say they turned away a few thousand. Around 15 thousand showed up to his rally in Sanford, and over 20,000 people showed up to hear him speak in Tampa.

Can you say “enthusiasm gap”?

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